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At, we have a strong focus on delivering sex toys of the highest quality. Quality is the cornerstone of our selection and we are determined to be known as providers of sex toys that work. Brands such as Lelo and Fun Factory make it possible to offer you completely unimaginable heights in your sex life, with a guarantee for a good durability of the products, but also great assurance that they really work.

We have sex toys for everyone

Whether you're looking for sex toys for men , women , couples or specifically for LGBTQ+ , we've got it.

As a woman, you can find some delicious toys for sex under the category, sex toys for women . Here we have everything from sexy, delicious lingerie to various dildos both with and without vibrators. When the desire appears and insists, it is important to have the right sex equipment. Regardless of whether you are into anal stimulation, E-stimulation or external stimulation, our sex shop has just the products that can be used. Buy pelvic floor balls , vibrators and many other luxury sex toys for women.

You can buy the best quality sex toys from the best brands, such as Lelo, Fun Factory and Le Wand. Buy the perfect gift for your wife or just the perfect gift for yourself. Surprises and self-indulgence are always good, and offers all the good stuff, you just have to choose.


Sex toys for men

Of course, the urge for sex does not only appear in women. Men's desires and urges are of course just as great as women's, which is why you can also find a category made especially for men. Under the category, sex toys for men , you can find many different penis rings , buttplugs and the sex toys for the hardcore, dilators . Of course, we have even more to offer from our shelves, which are full of sex toys that can be used for whatever you want. There are no limits to the imagination and new ideas when it comes to exploring the world of sex. Buy a blowjob machine, condoms or a pump to make your penis bigger. We offer great sex toys for men from brands such as You 2 Toys, Mystim and Picobong.

Quality Sex Toys For All Adults

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Frequently asked questions, you can find answers to a number of the most common questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to send an email to or contact us on tel. 44 65 63 30


Fetish sex toys and sexy outfits

If you have a wild fetish for something, such as being strapped in, having the urethra stimulated or are fond of gags, then you can look under our category, sex toys fetish. A wild category with lots of exciting toys that make your sex night fun, and you can challenge yourself or your partner with chastity sex toys from Mystim, Fifty Shades Of Gray and You 2 Toys.

It could also be that you just want to get hot and just need a few costumes or a lingerie set in your sex toy drawer. If so, we recommend you click on the sexy outfit category, where you'll find sexy lingerie, costumes and dresses from Cottelli Party, Bad Kitty and NO:XQSE. We have fetish clothes for both men and women on the shelves, and we also offer many luxurious catsuits in good quality from Noir. With bottomless suspenders, body stockings with lace and nylon boxer shorts, the evening can't get any sexier and you will be irresistible and super sexy.

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You will find it all on our front page. This is where all our supercategories are. On the front page you will find both our pharmacy and you can go in and look at all the brands we sell from. Our pharmacy consists of Exxstreme power caps, stimulating gel, lubricant and condoms. If you need different accessories for your sex night at home with your partner or alone, we also have a category only with accessories, where there are a lot of different items that you will most likely need.

We would also recommend that you take the time to read one of the erotic and fantastic stories from the category, The Gray Pages. Here you can get a little fun into your everyday life with stories about other people's sex experiences, which were submitted to Ugens Rapport in the 80s and 90s. Not just a good story, you can also get good ideas for new and challenging sex experiences.

When buying sex toys, you can also choose a completely free gift, you do this when ordering just before shipping, and there are quite a few good and fun gifts to choose from. In addition, you can also get your very own point shop by becoming part of the customer club in our sex shop. Now it's just a matter of exploring the different categories and buying our luxurious products, so that your sex night will be absolutely perfect.

Cosylove needs it and we are looking forward to sending you our sex toys of the very highest quality - we do that quickly and in discreet packaging.

Erotic stories

The gray pages

She waited naked on the sheepskin rug

I would like to tell you about my best sex experience to date. It all started one evening when I was at the disc jockey final, where the disc jockey of the year was to be chosen. I'm a disc jockey...

This is how I licked the delicious stripper

Just a few weeks ago, I was on a trip to West Berlin - and of course I had to have a bit of the naughty. I went into a former Peep show store on Hardenbergstrasse. Rebuilding had taken place since ...

Mother-in-law released my saved juices

Happy Gray Pages! When my beautiful wife was due to give birth in the spring, it was agreed that her mother, who is single, should come and cook for me. Mother-in-law is 51. She has been a widow fo...