"JA - Det var vores reklame på den bybus i Århus"

"YES - It was our advertisement on that city bus in Aarhus"

LGBTI+ sex toys: 6 reasons why it's a brilliant idea Reading "YES - It was our advertisement on that city bus in Aarhus" 7 minutes

Admitted: "Yes, it was our advertisement on that city bus in Aarhus"

We have gone to great lengths to make this advertisement positive, obedient and emancipated, with the intention of removing the taboo surrounding aids to presence, once and for all.
Assistive devices for presence, toys for adults, sex toys what should it be called so as not to offend someone in 2023.

We spread a message and sell a product that affects the entire adult population more than any other advertising can, yet is it taboo?

How can something as common as sex offend some people, and aids to the same, we think, are even less offensive, but perhaps we need to explain…

1. Sex is good, sex is healthy - the Danish Health Authority is in favor of sex - said at press conference quote: Søren Brostrøm

2. We can say with certainty that 100% of the Danish population over the age of 18 have sex alone or with a partner, so we do not shoot with scattershot when we put up a bus advertisement on the back of line 22 in Aarhus.

3. Aids for sex, promote the desire, the ability and the frequency with which one chooses to have sex

4. The less taboo, the more people dare to throw themselves into the most natural thing in this world and it promotes desire, should it be difficult, that there are aids for both men and women. These aids should not be hidden away but shouted out among the population, so that we can help with stress, sadness, self-confidence, pain, the ability to have an orgasm, frustrations and much more.

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1. Balance on the emotional and mental level.
Good sex gives you an emotional and mental boost, you are more open-minded, you are more loving and have an easier time keeping track of the situation. As opposed to lack of sex causing anxiety, irritation, stress, depression. Good sex releases endorphins, which are pleasure hormones, which lower stress and give, at best, the feeling of euphoria and happiness.

2. Financial savings for women in beauty treatments.
Good sex gives women a doubling of estrogen, it gives shine to the hair and a beautiful, smooth and soft skin, where wrinkles disappear or do not appear. All in all, women shine when they have a good sex life. Charismatic women may be free happy women with a good and passionate sex life.

3. You just live longer.
If you want a long life, then a good sex life is the answer. According to a research conducted at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, regular sex increases the lifespan of people. It was found that out of the people of the same age and health, those who had more frequent orgasms over 50% less mortality than there people who do not have frequent orgasms.

4. Sex is good for stress.
If you suffer from stress, then it's time to have more sex and less cleaning. Sex lowers blood pressure and thereby lowers stress levels. A group of Scottish researchers investigated an experimental group where they were exposed to stressful influences. The result was clear and unequivocal, those who had sex were less stressed.

5. The immune system is strengthened by good sex.
When you feel the slightest cold, it's a quick trip back to the bedroom, then there is a good opportunity to nip the cold in the bud. Good sex twice a week strengthens the immune system. Sex increases the body's production of Immunoglobulin A, which protects you against colds and infections.

6. Good sex makes you attractive.
The more active you are in your sex life, the more you emit attractive, irresistible pheromones and other chemical scents and pleasure-giving substances. (“Good sex = Good Karma”)

7. Sex increases self-confidence.
It is difficult to have your self-critic in bed with you and it completely disappears when you have sex. Hopefully then!!. So after good self, we are for a good while in our authentic vulnerable self, where the feeling of being completely ok is a natural state.

8. Sex is the best pain killer.
Sex is ten times more effective than painkillers like valium. Just before orgasm, the hormone OXytocin increases almost 5 times, which releases large amounts of endorphins, which are the body's own morphine. So headaches and migraines should preferably be prevented with good sex, but it can now also be treated for pain with good sex.

9. Sex sharpens the senses.
Just coming down into the body, instead of being up in the head and in control, gives a more sensory experience. But our sense of smell increases with good sex, because prolactin is released and activates the stem cells in the brain that form new neurons in the olfactory bulb. So sex and scents reinforce each other in a positive cycle, Uhm you smell good, yum good sex, uhm you smell good, MUMS good sex.

10. Good and healthy exercise.
Listen to health-hungry people. A simple session of passionate hot mindblow good sex can burn 200 calories, equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill. And quite ordinary everyday sex burns 85 calories. So for the analytical thinkers, that means after 42 bangs, you've lost a kilo.

11. Sex is good for the heart.
A prejudice is that when men get older, the risk of having a cardiac arrest in connection with sex increases. It doesn't fit, on the other hand, sex is a good matter of the heart. Men who have erotic sex 2/3 times a week halve the risk of heart attack compared to men who have sex once a month.

12. Prostate cancer is prevented with good sex.
Young men who have a good and rich sex life in their youth and in their 20s reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 1/3, later in life.

13. Sex binds us together.
It is our feelings that bind us together and sexual feelings are a large part of our emotional life. However, it can also be measured in chemistry, namely our brain's production of Oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone, increases enormously. Furthermore, this hormone should make one more generous.

14. The pelvic floor is strengthened by sex.
Women who are active with their pelvic floor experience greater sexual pleasure, while strengthening the pelvic floor and minimizing the risk of involuntary urination later in life.

15. Sex simply kills irritation and frustration.
We are sexual creatures so we live for and live from sexual contact. So, just like with lack of sleep and food, we become easily irritated and easily irritable. When we are full of sexual pleasure, the body's calming substances such as endorphins etc. are released. Contentment is good sex, good friendship, good food and good sleep.

source: madsvangchristensen.dk/15-good-reasons-til-at-dyrke-sex-good-sex/

Life is too short not to have really fun sex