Mother-in-law released my saved juices

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When my beautiful wife was due to give birth in the spring, it was agreed that her mother, who is single, should come and cook for me.
Mother-in-law is 51. She has been a widow for three years, but she is a beautiful and luxuriant woman, although she may be a few kilos too much according to some people. But she has nothing to do with the mother-in-law shenanigans from the jokes!

One evening she cooked lovely food and we sat and enjoyed ourselves, afterwards with drinks. She was in high spirits, but then we finally decided to crawl into bed. The mother-in-law was going to tidy up the living room, but I said: — You must be tired! Why don't you lie down in the double bed with me.

— Yes, I guess nothing can be done about that, she laughed.

When I undressed, I felt that I had had enough of the wet goods, so I slipped right under the shower, so my mother-in-law also had the opportunity to go to bed in peace.

But while I was standing under the shower, the mother-in-law suddenly came out and asked if there wasn't room for her too!

I was really surprised, because she was naked, but the penis was not at all surprised. It bristled — and the mother-in-law glared, perhaps because my wife measured it at 24 centimetres! Yes, it is big!

— Well, you best! She said. Have I put you in that state?

I could only nod. She looked lovely with her large, slightly hanging breasts. I started soaping her all over the body - and I was thorough with the breasts in particular.

It was clear she was enjoying it. And when I approached the buttocks, she closed her eyes and spread her legs. I continued with the soap on her big, big pussy and now she was breathing heavily. She gasped as I slid my finger up the crack and moved back and forth a few times.

Then we both rinsed off and I took her hand and we went into the double bed. I immediately laid over her and started biting the big breasts while my hands explored all over her big, beautiful body.

With my hands I felt that her pussy was very wet, so I slid down between her thighs and started licking. The juices ran out of her and she whimpered like a baby. And when I gave the tickler a thorough treatment with my rough tobacco tongue, she let out a howl and great tremors went through her body.

Now my cock was completely uncontrollable. I guided it into the crack, pushed it all the way up - and then I fucked like crazy. I hadn't gotten anything on it for weeks so it really needed it. It slid down into the wet hole, and I felt the juices trickle down around my balls, which hung beneath it as stiff as tennis balls.

Then she shivered again. — Oh, how big it is! God, how big it is! She muttered, and then she went completely rigid and screamed that I should now squirt all that saved up into her hungry hole. — Arh, it's been so long, she screamed. Bring it on, you big, lovely men! Seconds later, I squirted like never before, and then collapsed in utter exhaustion.

She just lay there with her eyes closed and whimpered.

I lay on top of her wonderful, soft body. She opened her eyes and gave me a hot kiss, saying it was the most glorious big pee man she had ever had. I said she was at least as good as my wife - her daughter!

Now she said that she hadn't been fucked in five years. The last two years the man lived, he could do nothing. In their long marriage she had only cheated once at a party, but it had been a mixed pleasure. And before marriage she had only known one man. My father-in-law, who was sweet and nice, had not been an eagle in bed. It was just on and done.

"I've never been licked before," she confided in me. The man always thought it was bullshit. Even if I wanted to lick him. On that point, TorVald was strange, I can assure you—Then you will be licked again, I can promise you, because your pussy tastes nice, I said And lay down between her thighs.

She was already shaking.
She was immediately ecstatic as my tongue began to work. I let it slide up and down the damp crack. Sucked between her labia and let my tongue play on her large springs while I ran my finger back and forth between her buttocks and around the rear hole.

Rarely have I experienced such a juicy pussy. I was drenched in the face. She came again with a scream and moaned that now she wanted the big dick up again. It was so lovely.

I asked her to sit on me. She did. And I brought it in and she started fucking me. It was great to see her jumping up and down on the big cock in ecstasy as her big tits dangled from side to side. They hung right in front of my face and I bit them, pinched and scratched them and took the warts in my mouth so they grew hard and hard.

I was about to give her another orgasm. My cock always lasts enormously the second time, so now I asked her to lie down on all fours, so she could have a well-deserved rear howl with the big iron. She laid down and I stuck it up.

— Oooooh! She moaned as it slid down to the root as I held the front of her large breasts. I pulled it out teasingly again. So a little in. Out again and finally all the way to the bottom, and then I began to thrust into her with rhythmic movements, while with each thrust I gave the breasts a hard squeeze when it was at the bottom.
Now she howled wildly' The body shook and she squeezed the pussy tightly around my working cock.

Sweat poured from me, and with wild thrusts I let it spray a second time. while we were both howling—and I sensed that it happened to her too.

Cross. how she needed a pee man!

We haven't had sex since, and of course my wife has no idea what happened between me and her mother while she was giving birth, the mother-in-law never mentions it a word.

She's the same as ever - but I must have put blood on her teeth for sex again, because she's found a man!

I really hope he can give her what she needs and has deserved.

"The big"