She waited naked on the sheepskin rug

This is how I licked the delicious stripper Reading She waited naked on the sheepskin rug 5 minutes

I would like to tell you about my best sex experience to date.
It all started one evening when I was at the disc jockey final, where the disc jockey of the year was to be chosen. I'm a disc jockey myself and used to a bit of everything from the young audience, but the following experience is still something that really exceeded my wildest imagination.
I started by warming up the audience for the competition with some hot tracks. I spotted a young lady dancing with our host.

She looked drop dead gorgeous. I grabbed the microphone and said:
- Then it is getting close to the time for the competition, and we continue with the number "Sikken nice lady" with Annika.

I don't know if she understood, but she looked at me and smiled sweetly. It made me very strange, and a few minutes later I was not quite myself. Well, at long last they got on with the show. I went up to the bar and ordered a rum and coke. Suddenly there was a voice behind me that asked:
- Do you give one..? , I turned around.
And there she stood - the lovely black-haired beauty, looking at me with her smiling pale blue eyes.
I answered:
- Of course – and ordered another drink. When she had her drink she asked if we should go over to the host. And so we did.

We sat at the table until the early morning and chatted and just had a great time together. It was closed and we agreed to go up to my place and have morning coffee. When we got home, I went into the kitchen and started making coffee while she set the table. In the middle of it all, it became so quiet in the living room, and when I went in there a little later, I really got the shock of my life.

She lay in the middle of my sheepskin rug - completely naked - and enjoyed the warmth of the stove. I gaped and didn't know what to do. She smiled at me, called for tea with one finger, and when I stood looking down at her, she asked sweetly:

- Why don't you throw away the clothes and lie down here next to me..? A little shy, I took off my clothes and crawled down to her. My cock was hard and big - and ready for a good bang. She was definitely not shy.

Her lips slid over my cheek and one of her hands gripped the cock. She started massaging - and then she slid down over my stomach and took the guys in her mouth. She sucked, licked and let her lovely tongue run round and round over her head'. I didn't really know what to do, but she solved the problem by laying on top of me so we were in a 69's position.
Then she spread her legs, and I had a view of a lovely pussy, shaved in the shape of a heart - and as narrow as few.

She was ready to kiss and lick - and I did ... I drilled a finger into her.
She started moaning and making fucking motions. I licked and licked.
Then I pushed her away from me.
I could feel that I was about to come, and I wanted to hold on a little longer. All of a sudden she screamed and drilled the miss right into my head. The orgasm shook her, the juices flowed, and when she slid down from me a little later, I felt like a newly washed child!
I thought I could now be allowed to set the pace. But no - she turned around and sat astride me and tucked the animal into her and started on a wild ride, at the same time howling wildly. Then she stopped and laid down on top of me and kissed me. A little later she whispered that I should take her from behind.
I was just so horny that it only took a few seconds before she was on all fours and I was in a hurry to get

"the guy" into her from behind.
She rocked her rear for a bit, and then I slipped into the warmth.
I began to make love to her while playing and zeroing in on her clitoris. It got wilder and wilder - and finally we met in the best orgasm and ejaculation I've ever had...

We fell asleep in front of the kami. nen and did not wake up until late in the morning. We showered together and then drank the coffee that had been ready since five o'clock. It all ended with us ending up in my bed, where we fucked well into the afternoon. After another bath, she said goodbye and went home to herself.
I later went to work where I met my current fiance. But that experience with the black-haired beauty just surpasses everything else... It's nice to have memories - I collect them.

The ever-happy disc jockey.

Cozy love