This is how I licked the delicious stripper

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Just a few weeks ago, I was on a trip to West Berlin - and of course I had to have a bit of the naughty.

I went into a former Peep show store on Hardenbergstrasse.
Rebuilding had taken place since I had last been there.

Instead of the small booths with the coin boxes, there was now a small stage where, for five DM, you could see a striptease number — and there was no plastic sheet between the dancer and the six spectators that there was room for.

Of course I had to go in and take a look, and it didn't take long before I made eye contact with the dancer.
When she was completely naked, she stuck her hair almost on my head. I asked if I could feel it, but she said no

— No, not here, but come to me in the super-solo cabin!
There it cost DM 30 to be alone with Gina, as she called herself.
But only for 10 minutes. If you wanted a longer stay, you had to pay extra.
I paid at the register and entered a small room where there was also no glass or plastic plate between the girl and the customer.

Gina was called in. She was topless and in diminutive panties.
We sat down on a plush sofa.
What do you want, she asked.
I replied that I had paid at the checkout to see her dance for me - all by myself.

You have only paid entrance, she said, and smiled sweetly at me, but if you give me 20 DM, then you have to take me everywhere.
I held out a 20 DM note, and then she threw away the little panties and helped me take off my clothes.
I had to put it all away except the underpants.

We embraced each other. I touched her everywhere and she made naughty intercourse movements with her lap against my thin panties.
My hands were all over her.
She was just gorgeous…
She stuck both rear and pussy up in my mouth, and now I wanted to lick her
It was also okay if I paid an additional 20 DM.
And then you can believe I licked pussy.

She enjoyed it. It wasn't acting and eventually hum told me to stop. She was very close to orgasm.
By and by the 10 minutes were over and then she had to go, but she said that I would like to satisfy myself now at the last minute.

She wasn't allowed to touch my penis, but she touched me everywhere else on my body while I was playing loose.
I enjoyed her and I didn't regret for a moment the 70 DM it cost.
The girls are not allowed to fuck the customers, but that is also the only exception.

And one thing is bombproof.

Next time I come to West Berlin, I'm going to visit Gina — and lick her pussy so that my penis is erect and only needs a few seconds of lire before it goes...

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