Our tongues and fingers drove the guys wild with desire.

A wonderful experience for two married couples Reading Our tongues and fingers drove the guys wild with desire. 2 minutes Next Unknown voice gave me a hot orgasm

We are two very horny girls, we simply can't get enough. That's why we took a trip to Mallorca last summer, because we had heard that there are many horny willing young Spaniards.

And at least we weren't disappointed! When we checked into our hotel, we went into town. When we got home late at night, there were two handsome hotel guys with lustful looks in their eyes.

Without really realizing how, suddenly all four of us were behind the reception. We took their noses in our mouths and licked and sucked while we tickled them on the head of the penis.

They went wild with lust. . . They grabbed our bottoms and pulled our hungry misses down to their wild tongues. The tongues ran round and round. Suddenly their hot juices splashed out on our faces. Then we both came into a wild orgasm.

We screamed and moaned, so afterwards we were afraid that we had woken up some people in the hotel. We gathered our clothes and rushed up to our room.

When we opened the door, there were two hot guys sitting in there, their big nice dicks sticking straight up in the air. They told us that they had been watching us down at the reception when we were sleeping with the other guys. They said that now we had to fill our little "holes" with their big "guys". . .They tied us. They tickled us.

They licked us all over our bodies, so that in the end we screamed with lust. Then they untied our ties and turned us over on our stomachs. Then they spread our legs, laid on top of us and penetrated. . .They fucked us hard and brutally and it wasn't long before they were collapsing on top of us while ejaculating.

We continued the rest of the night. In the morning we went to sleep.

When we woke up a few hours later, we were tied to the bedposts. We couldn't touch. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and two servants came in with the breakfast. Guess the rest yourself. The two nymphomaniacs