Unknown voice gave me a hot orgasm

Until an incident I had, a year ago, I had always laughed at that kind of sex, but now your success also proves that there is a large audience for this kind of thing.

My experience started one day, I had a day off from work. I was walking around a bit in my dressing gown when the phone rang. A man's voice started saying different things to me. I pointed out to him that he must have got the wrong number, but he just kept talking and I was about to hang up the phone. However, he made me a little curious when he said that he thought I had to sit me down and listen, he would make sure I had a good time.

First he told me that he had a nice big cock that he was holding in one hand and I had to try to imagine what it would be like to feel it pounding into me. He was sure, that I must have a nice big pussy with some delicious labia that he would like to bite into. Imagine how I ride my cock back and forth, he said. I imagine it's your wet, juicy pussy, it's riding in and out, and I'm skinning you in your big bouncy tits.

I listened intently and discovered that my breathing sounded rather excited.— I can hear you that you are excited, he said. Are you getting really horny? I bet you are running wet between your legs. I can almost smell your juices...

I suddenly realized that I had put my hand under my dressing gown and was running a finger over the clitoris, and I felt that he was right. I was dripping wet. I moaned more and more.

He continued: Do you wish you could get a nice big throbbing cock inside you right now...I just moaned that I could.

I can see it, you cunt, he continued. It's just waiting for a really big dick. It just wants to be screwed over. Help it though. Take something and stick it up, imagine that it's a nice man who is chasing his dick into you.

Automatically, I took a candle that was next to the phone and drilled it into my pussy. It almost absorbed it. That was nice. My thumb continued to work the spring that had become completely hard. It was absolutely impossible for me to sit still.

— Well, he continued. Do you now have a nice cock substitute inside you? Do you imagine that it is my huge guy who has completely penetrated you and will soon cum deep inside you?..— Yes, I moaned. I can feel you. It is probably big and nice. I also want to suck you and fiddle with your balls. Can you feel how I suck? ..— Yes, I can, and I can also feel how your tongue glides over my tense nipples. But now I want to put the dick in you again. Notice how I drill it all the way in. Never have you had such a big and stiff cock inside you. Is it good?..— Yes, I moaned. Tell me something more. You make me terribly horny...

He continued:— Get a mirror and hold it so you can see your pussy... I did as he said. For the first time in my life I studied my own wet vagina. That was weird. But it was even stranger to hear myself sitting and telling a stranger how it looked

I described to him how it was completely open, that the labia were completely red and wet. It was ready to throw itself over. How I wish I could be fucked and licked. I really needed something. My description continued while I kept entertaining him about how lovely he must be and that I could just now see his big dick in front of me.

He moaned and gasped and told me to keep talking about it and how I felt. I twisted around in the chair as I talked. Suddenly I felt I couldn't hold back any longer. I whimpered: — I'm coming, oh how nice it is. 'The orgasm shook my body and sweat poured out of me. Then I heard his hoarse moan and scream.— Cross where I squirt, my cum pours in, I imagine you right now licking it all inside you...Then sat we there, each with his own handset. It was over.