A wonderful experience for two married couples

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We are an ordinary married couple in their mid-forties who live a good and normal life together. We had a visit from some of our good friends. They were invited to come and eat with us on a Saturday evening, and they were supposed to stay until the following day.

We didn't skimp on the wine that we had brought home from our holiday abroad. After the coffee and a few small glasses, we all had a great time. Our friends, called Gunnar and Birgith, wanted to see the film I had recorded during the holiday, so I found the device and the screen and ran the film

When I had shown it, Gunnar jokingly said:— There was no porn in that film! I remembered that I had some lying around that I had once borrowed — and we all quickly agreed, we wanted to see them! We sat in such a way that Gunnar and my wife sat on one sofa, and Birgith and I sat on the other. The video camera was placed between the two sofas. so that it partly covered the view between us.

When the lights were out and the first, highly passionate, film had run for a while, I noticed that Gunnar had his arm over my wife's shoulder and that his hand was caressing one of her breasts. They sat close together, her hand was stuck between his thighs. I also put my arm over Birgith's shoulder and gently let my hand rest on one of her breasts.

I was anxious to see if she would push me away, but when nothing happened, I closed my hand lightly around my chest and gave her a kiss on the neck. She pressed herself close to me and put her hand on my thigh, so I understood that she just knew my approaches. I began to caress the breast carefully, and could soon feel her nipple stiffen under my finger play. Her hand slid further up my thigh, all the way up, so that her fingertips reached the bulge in my pants.

She moved her fingers lightly as if to feel if I was also on the marks. After we had been sitting like that for a bit, 1%od put the sliding part back and forth, further and further and further up, Until my fingers could touch her triangle area outside the clothes .Soon after that movie was over and I had to get up and change movies.While I was doing that wife noticed so close together. Gunnar and my My wife's dress was pulled up quite a bit, and her hand was high on his thigh. I noticed that he was trying to cover up that his zipper was open.

Their faces clearly showed their mood. so I rushed to start the next movie and turn off the lights again.

This film had a very exciting action, I knew I sat close to Birgith again, and again put my arm around her shoulders, I felt that she had unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse, and she led my hand inside the blouse, where I got my hand inside without difficulty her bra so that I had her bare breast in my hand.

It was a wonderful sensation to feel her lovely firm breast with the hard nipple. Her skirt - which also had buttons in the front - she had also unbuttoned almost all the way, and my hand could slide unhindered up her inner thigh until my fingers reached her panty hem.

We all sat for a while and followed the passionate action of the film, which could not fail to affect us as well. Birgith pressed herself warmly to me. She parted her thighs a little so that my fingers had more room to play. Her hand found my zipper, which she slowly zipped down. I felt how her fingers tried to find the last part of the way into my stiff member, and soon after I felt her warm hand take it gently! I leaned over to my wife and Gunnar to see if they were watching us. But I quickly realized that they didn't have time for that at all.

They sat closely huddled together. He kissed her hotly and his hand had completely disappeared under her dress. She was sitting with her thighs slightly spread and her hand was hidden inside his trousers. I let my hand slide up over Birgith's stomach, and with my fingers I quickly found my way down into her panties.

She pushed forward a bit and parted her thighs further so I could reach her hot and wet opening. We kissed each other hotly as my fingers played in and around her wet lap. I knew we couldn't continue on that. way for quite a long time before anything had to happen. It was also clear to listen to the movements and breathing of the other two that they couldn't wait much longer either. As soon as the film — which none of us were watching anymore — was over, I switched off for the apparatus and stood up, pulling Birgith with me.

We left the living room quietly without saying anything. The last thing I saw was my wife lying all the way back with her eyes half closed. Her dress was pulled up around her waist and her panties were pulled down to the middle of her thighs. He was lying halfway there over her with one hand down on her crotch. She made obvious intercourse movements while her hand massaged his stiff member. They probably didn't notice that we disappeared at all.

We slipped into the bedroom where we undressed and threw ourselves on the bed where we met in a loving embrace. Our hands found the most sensitive and intimate places on each other's bodies as we kissed each other warmly and passionately. It all ended in a wonderful intercourse—an intercourse that I had never experienced before. . .While we met in a long warm kiss, my stiff member slowly slid up into her. It was a pleasure for every centimeter I slid in, and when I was all the way inside, we lay looking warmly and deeply into each other's eyes. Slowly I moved back and forth and it was as if we were both enjoying every movement with every fiber of our bodies.

We were not in a hurry, but only felt that this was one of the highlights of life. Gradually, the rhythm became more and more fierce in line with the pressure of the passions, and I became aware that Birgith had a greater sexual temperament than I had previously thought. She both grunted and sobbed as her orgasm approached, her body writhing in spasms when it finally came. My ejaculation was also violent and wonderful. We lay afterwards and caressed each other until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I think the other two also had an experience quite out of the ordinary that night, because they spent the night together in our guest room, while Birgith and I slept in the bedroom. When we got up the next morning, I could see my wife, that she had had a lovely night. She probably looked tired, but she seemed happy and relaxed. I guess we were all a bit tense and nervous at first about what the others would say. The mood was a bit depressed until we got ready over the fact that we all felt that one had nothing to blame the other, and shortly afterwards we again chatted merrily together, and in fact we have done so ever since, without going into the experiences of this evening.

I am sure that it was a good mutual friendship, along with the play of chance, that made this night turn out the way it did, and that none of us had any idea beforehand that this would happen!When I tell this — at the risk of being recognized — it is to say that because one is beyond the first nne youth, one can t — quite unexpectedly — experience the great adventure without it causing complications for either party!