Room for rent

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It was past six o'clock on a cold winter's evening when she rang my doorbell.
Hi, is this a room for rent?

Thats it. And if it wasn't, I would have rented her a room anyway.
Because she was a damn beautiful girl!!!

Long, brown, slender legs in the highest patent leather shoes.
Super short skirt in shiny fabric. A smart little blouse very daring — under the modern jacket. And on her head she had a little hat.
The lady was classy.

But I guess she wasn't Danish...!? Rather if she didn't resemble a Frenchman. With THAT almost black — hair and those — almost black — eyes, a Dane could not possibly be hiding under the brown skin.

— Well, come inside!

She entered. Shaken my hand and introduced himself by a name I no longer remember. While her eyes looked inquisitively around my high-ceilinged apartment.
We sat down in the living room. I made a cup of coffee for each of us. And then we had to talk business...

And she just sat there. And looked damn good. The super short skirt just revealed it all. Almost. And I could hardly keep my eyes off the long, crossed legs. While it hammered in my pants.

Something was fighting an unequal battle to get out into the open.
She gave it a casual glance. And put the thin blouse down a little around the shoulder. The long legs snaked over each other. And a real man would have no doubts about what the young lady was up to…

I was a real man! I had gotten the point. Her eyes still rested on my flagpole.
— The flag is certainly not at half-mast today! What do you flag for?

The gaze slowly slid up my body and ended in a meeting with mine.
- You fall for the woman.

She stood up and went to the bar cupboard. Her hands searched between the glasses. Two glasses were clattered on the table.
Here you go!
She opened the bottle with a bang. Bubbles settled effervescently on the inside of the glasses. Then she handed me one.
Cheers to a good evening!
We toasted and she sent me a seductive look over the rim of her champagne glass. Then she turned on the lights on the table and put a quiet CD on the system. A long-fingered hand reached out for me, and I let myself be invited to dance.

She snuggled up to me.
The penis in my abdomen was working at high pressure. She pressed reed venus mountain against my phallus. The CD was playing. We danced close. And I did not care to wonder at this strange womanhood that clung to me at this moment.
There was no room for that in my thought channels, which were buzzing with wild, hot fantasies. I held her close to me. Brown eyes cast sensual glances over my face. I bent my neck and kissed her hotly.
This was the code. She went crazy. Uninhibited, her feminine hands slipped under my shirt. Purposefully she opened up to all my glories. Both above and below the belt. My penis reached out for her fingers.
Whoa! She bent down and placed her lips around the head of his penis. The practiced fingers pulled back the foreskin. She sighed. The tongue played on the back of the shaft all the way down to the root. The fingers massaged the noses, I grabbed her head and controlled the pace. Faster and faster, the red mouth slid back and forth over the crown of her nose. When she had found her pace, I unbuttoned her top shirt and found a set of firm breasts in my hands.
The blood pounded in my veins.

Firmly I gripped her head. The dark curls snaked between my fingers. Her eyes were closed. The mouth slid up and down my thick shaft at an even increasing pace.
Not letting the tip of her tongue taste all my juices at once, I pulled out of her and turned her over. The little skirt flew up in an instant. And the panties were ripped off in a mess that spilled over into one corner of the living room. I got down on my knees and licked the little pussy.
A shock rippled through her beautiful, dark body as my tongue touched her god slit. vCarefully I let it slip into the heat. It tasted salty. And smelled wonderful.
Then I grasped her thighs and made her spread her legs a little more so that I could get closer.
My tongue slid over the spring. Tenderly I let the licker slide quickly from side to side over the outermost part of the little bud that was hot and hard between the soft labia.

Then her whole lovely female body began to tremble. She howled against my high ceilings and I hammered my iron far up into her tight pussy.

It clamped well. And felt penis like it had never felt penis before.
The juices ran off her. I fucked my life away. She howled louder and louder.
Then everything went dark. All that existed was my humming penis. A tickling sensation had bubbled through my body. All the way from the fingertips down to the outer part of the penis head.

The sperm welled up inside her.
We laid down on the couch and fell asleep in each other's arms...
When I woke up, it had become light. And there was no girl by my side.
But her panties are still here...

The rich Fantast.

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