The gardener

I am a young girl of 24 who would like to tell about the best bang for the spring.

I live at home with my parents in Gentofte. My father is the boss of one of Denmark's largest companies, and therefore we live a life that my friends think is all hustle and bustle.

My parents really spoil me, so I have no plans to move away from home — for now!

One weekend in the spring, my parents were on holiday in Tenerife.
It was a cool spring morning. Saturday. A dense fog floated in the villa gardens. And I stretched in my bed.
It was a little past seven o'clock. Although I had been in the city for a long time the night before, it was quite impossible for me to fall asleep again.

I went over to the window and saw the gardener tending the garden down there. The hedge trimmer flicked effectively and the excess branches fell to the ground.

I decided to go down to him and give him a cup of morning coffee. Because I knew him well.
He had taken a few classes above me at Gentofte Primary School. And he had always been very much surrounded by the girls his own age...

I put on my dressing gown and hopped down the stairs and put the coffee into the kitchen.
And while it hummed, I walked on bare toes into the morning wet grass.
-Hello! I ran a hand through my morning curls. He turned and looked at me.

- Goodmorning Miss!

He turned and continued his work and I felt rejected. But then he said: You're up early...
I told a little about my wild city trip with the others from high school. And a little later the right time came to invite him in for morning coffee.
He didn't answer right away. And I was afraid he would say no. But then he turned to me. He sent me a knowing look. And I felt exposed.

-Yes please!

he threw the scissors from Sig and I turned to go towards the house. The grass was wet. The dressing gown fluttered behind my determined steps leading up to the kitchen door.
The fog was dense, dense, dense. Everything was quiet. And the people were still in their sweet sleep.
Typical Saturday morning in my neighborhood.

He walked right behind me. His feet behind mine approached "dangerously". I smiled crookedly to myself. He was very close to me now.
I stopped and quickly turned to face him.

His strong arms wrapped around me. We met in a long, warm kiss. And he breathed heavily.
Hands slid down around my buttocks. They caressed them hard yet gently. Then they crept forward and tied up my robe.

And I was in a wild fight against his pants, which I just had a little difficulty getting up. He smiled and pulled his lips to open the treats himself.

— You must be a really naughty bitch, huh! He pressed the words forward between his lips and smiled challengingly at me.
I was totally fed up. And the lust increased. It sucked in my stomach.
I felt my panties slowly getting damp. His hands slid in to her pussy.
A pair of fingers slid up into my juicy pussy. He laughed, He knew I was crazy about getting him in the car and feeling his penis up my tight pussy.

My hands penetrated down to his penis. It was hard and thick.
I firmly squeezed it and pulled the foreskin back. He hugged me tightly.

I tore myself loose.:
With my robe open and my panties wet, I took his hand and led him all the way up to the house. Ignoring the coffee, we hurried through the kitchen and up the stairs. And when we got into my room, we threw ourselves on the bed.

His hands were eager. He was already moaning like a bull in heat. And when I stood up and pulled his pants off him, his penis prickled like it had never done anything else.

I sat with one leg on either side of his hips. However, without touching the exposed penis head. He gripped my hips and pushed me down over it.
It jolted him.
The juices dripped onto his stomach. He swallowed a lump. And then took the reins into his own hands.
The ride went wilder and wilder. Penis planed in me. He closed his eyes and dug his fingers into my flesh.

My pussy squirmed. The juices splashed down his stomach skin.

His fingers searched up between my labia. They played with my sources. And a rush went through my body.
But even before the orgasm rolled over me, he pulled me off and stood up.
Where is your toilet? What you use yourself.

I explained to him, then he disappeared out the door to reappear five minutes later. In his hands he had my father's razor.
He "laid me with my legs spread over the edge of the bed. Shaving foam bubbled over my pussy hair. He grinned boyishly. The scraper slid down my pussy. A tickling sensation jolted through me. It sucked in my stomach. And the juices jumped him the face.

He wiped away the drops with the back of one hand. And then he let his tongue lick it away.
I was shaking with lust. He buried his fingers in me. They messed around inside me. And amplified my arousal colossally. The scraper removed another strand of hair. The juices ran down between my buttocks and wet the sheet.

Six times in total the scraper slid down my pussy. And lust bubbled in me.
Then he half stood up. His penis was tilted upwards. The head was the crowning glory of the work. It was exposed. For pleasure. Then he drilled his penis deep into me.
It pulled in and out faster and faster. The juices drained from me. And my pussy was cleaner than ever for hair. They were all in a small bowl on the floor.
His penis completely expanded my pussy. One his phallus went all the way down without resistance. and it grew in me.
And every muscle tensed in his body. And then we galloped up around the peaks of orgasm. And we saw the sun, moon and stars when we nursed.

Afterwards he fell on top of me. With my head over one breast.
Lovingly he kissed and bit it and kissed me far up my neck...
After this Saturday morning in the early spring, I have not so rarely had a visit from a certain Mr. Gardener.