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Do you believe in dreams?

No, well. Neither did I — but now my view has been changed in a pleasant way:

From the beginning, I'd rather say that we live in a terraced house.
Facing the road, a small front garden with a high hedge around it. Our nearest neighbors are a married couple in their early thirties:
And my wife and I are in our early forties.

I often work at night and take a nap during the day. My wife has work from 8-14.
The neighbor's wife, Tove, is currently staying at home. She is a lovely youngster, whom I have looked hungrily at when she has gone out in the garden in a bathing suit.

Well, but then one morning, when I was taking a nap as usual, I dreamed that Tove came to me naked and that I was also naked.

I took her in my arms and caressed her—and then a bell rang!
I woke up and rubbed my eyes - and now it rang again. It was that which had awakened me from my lovely dream.
I grudgingly jumped out of bed and, shirtless, I opened the door ajar.
I was very surprised because Tove was standing outside in a transparent nightgown.

Yes, you must excuse me if I woke you, she said, but I am in a terrible predicament.
I was just out in the front garden to pick a bouquet of flowers, and then the door slammed.
I slipped right through the hole in the hedge. In this outfit, I can hardly go out on the road!
If I just have to slip through your apartment, I can get in through the back way.

I opened the door fully and she tailed through the hall and the kitchen.

I couldn't help admiring her shape through the nightgown, And my cock instantly rose under my shirt. Two minutes later, Tove arrived.
Unfortunately, the kitchen door is also locked, she said.
What should I do?

I had to turn away so she wouldn't see my erect cock
— I think you should put water over for a cup of coffee, I said, then I'll go in and put on some clothes. Then we can come up with a plan while drinking coffee.
I had taken off the shirt to put on another when Tove suddenly stood in the door and asked where the beans were!
And there I stood naked with a cock!
Tove slowly came towards me, her eyes hanging on my cock.
She didn't say anything, but her eyes clearly told me that she had the same desires as me.

Just like in the dream, I hugged her and my hands cupped her lovely buttocks.
She took off her nightgown and she lay down on the bed with her thighs spread.
She was wet and willing, and without any foreplay I laid between her thighs and penetrated her cunt. We fucked wildly and passionately, and the water was almost boiled off the kettle before we got to the kitchen. But then we got a cup of coffee...

How did you know I was lying dreaming about you? I said.

I had no idea, she said, but if you did it must be thought transference. And by the way, she continued. Then I remember that there is an extra key for the kitchen door hanging out in the outhouse.
Well, I had ironed back on, and when we both wanted a repeat, we ended up back in bed.
Afterwards, I went for several days and had a bad conscience both towards my wife and towards Tove's husband, Torben. But a week later I had afternoon work, and when we finished a chord, we got an hour off earlier.
When I got home and locked myself in, I just caught a glimpse of a naked man walking out the kitchen door with his clothes under his arm!

I went into the bedroom where my wife was sitting up in bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. I tore the quilt off her. She was naked!

I played the deceived husband and angrily asked her how she would explain it.
"I guess there's nothing to explain," she said. But you mustn't blame Torben for that. I take the blame.
— Maybe you don't get enough cock from me? I asked aggrieved.
- Yes, she said. But you might not understand. You might want to try something different from the everyday.

I understand that, I said. But what do you think Torben would say if I now demand to be allowed to fuck Tove?

For my sake gladly, said my wife.
When only you will forgive me my little misstep. Invite them in for a bite of bread on Saturday, I said.
When they arrived on Saturday evening, Torben was a bit frazzled.
Otherwise, I thought you were into me, he said.
- Not at all, I said. But I demand to be allowed to fuck your wife in return. Then it's paid.

Torben looked despairingly at Tove.
— Yes, if you haven't told Tove yourself that you enjoy and fuck my wife when I'm not at home, she might as well find out now!

No! Now have I heard that? with, said Tove. Don't you have enough in me?

Torben was very dependent on bread, and I asked Tove if she was prepared to pay Torben's debt to me.

It's only fair and reasonable, she said. But we'll talk about that later. Now let's get something to eat.
When we had eaten and the girls had cleared the table and Torben and I had sunk into the deep chairs, both wives came in naked and asked if we were ready for dessert!

They helped us undress, and my stiff cock was immediately ready to board Tove's tight cunt. The others didn't know that my cock and her cunt already knew each other!

Torben's cock was small and limp, but under my wife's expert treatment it quickly became battle-ready, and soon we were happily fucking each other.

Despite the fact that we had fucked and loved so much, there were no problems with getting on top of each other again.
I must be the first to admit that the game of love became extra fascinating for me and Tove because the others did not know our secret.
And they still don't know it.

Now we do such a round of wife swapping at least once a week and then Tove and I do a few extra rounds when I take a nap!

Yes, there has suddenly been an idyll in the terraced houses between the privet hedges...

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