From dream to reality

This is the story of how one of my secret fantasies came true. It was an early afternoon. I couldn't concentrate on my studies and indulged in sexual fantasies. I pushed the chair back and went for a walk in the bathroom. During the shower my fantasies ran free. The shower was taken out of the holder and with the hard water jets I started massaging my member. My scrotum and anus also got a turn. My member was stiff and I inserted a finger into the anus. I was close to cum, turned off the water and went into the bedroom without drying myself. Here I found Maria's DILDO VIBRATOR. I had always wanted to try it —now it had to be. I smeared lube on the rubber guy and inserted it carefully while I masturbated to my waist. Maria suddenly came through the door. She was surprised, to say the least, to see me in that revealing situation. Then she smiled her "sex smile" and said: — Well, you're probably having a good time! I wanted to stop, but she said: — Stay down, I'll be back in a bit .She came back with some BONDAGE ROPE in her hand — now I probably knew what was going to happen. Quickly she had me tied to the bedposts. I was lying with my arms and legs spread, still with the VIBRATOR spinning. — That's how you want it, isn't it? I nodded — yes, this was one of my dreams. — Why have you never told me, Maria asked. — Had it not been natural?— Yes, but I didn't dare, perhaps you would think I was a pervert. But I've been eyeing your dildo vibrator for a long time. Maria made a short process. She sat with her fragrant naked pussy over my face and thus made me shut up. At the same time her nails scratched my balls and my penis. The vibrator now spun lonely on the sheet, there was no one to hold it. I wish she would stick it in, I thought, but now Maria wanted to be licked good and thoroughly. She tasted wonderful and she moaned violently as I licked and slurped her juices into me. When she came, she moved so that we were lying in a 69er. She was happy with my treatment and licked my member and my scrotum. Then she went to the bathroom to wash the dildo before lying down and sticking it up her pussy. With the vibrator running I had a good round of oral sex. She ran her moist lips back and forth over my glans. She massaged the balls and I was very excited to hear the dildo vibrating in her pussy. She let her tongue nibble along my cock, but then she stopped again. It was indeed Maria who managed things today. As soon as I was about to ejaculate, she was gone, Maria went into the kitchen and enjoyed herself with a glass of wine. At the same time, she leaned towards me. I was still stiff, but the orgasm had receded. Now Maria came in again, she sat over my cock and started to ride me. She moaned and came into a quick orgasm. Then she jumped off. I was disappointed and frustrated, but when she started licking my inner thighs, I fell for the nipple. She worked her way down over my cock and balls and gave my needy anus a few licks. I was giddy, it was the best I knew. Now, finally, I was allowed to come. I sprayed it all over her face and the little babs. Happy and super satisfied I fell back on the mattress. We cuddled without talking. We knew this had been our best sex experience yet. "Capricorn"