Take me, she whispered

Dear report.

Every time I see Julie climbing out of the bathtub, with little drops of water glistening on her beautiful skin, I can't help but think of what it was like that beautiful summer night in July - last year.

Me and a couple of friends had decided to go out and spend the night swimming at the Heligoland bathing establishment. A friend of mine had worked there previously and still had a key that he had never claimed.

Since it was the middle of the night and there wasn't an eye on the bathing establishment, we of course jumped into the water completely naked. It was a very beautiful and starry evening, the water was warm, and it was wonderful to have the pool completely to yourself. Shyss, said Palle suddenly. I can hear something...

We jumped out of the swimming pool and looked towards the entrance. In the darkness we could see a small group of people, and from the voices we could hear that they were of the female gender. As they got closer, I saw to my surprise that one of them was my dream girl from high school, Julie. Giggling, they caught sight of us, and excitedly we shouted for them to hurry and jump in. Quickly the girls also threw away their cloths, and naked we all jumped back into the water. I couldn't keep my eyes off Juliet's body. And I had only looked at her for a few seconds in the dark before my cock of course started to react.

- Hello, I said in a mushy voice, and swam to her.
-- Hello... We swam next to each other for a while, when Julie suddenly stopped and asked with little giggles if my penis was preventing me from swimming.

My whole head turned bright red, but before I could answer her, she had turned around and started swimming the backstroke. Her small nipples poked just above the surface of the water and I tried to swim as fast as she did.

- Ugh, how cold it is, she said. Shouldn't we go upstairs?
We had barely climbed out of the water before she started running and yelling for me to catch her. I caught her 50 meters down the jetty. We fell over and to my surprise she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me fiercely. My heart skipped a few extra beats, was my dream finally going to come true?

I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her lovely body close to mine. My mouth sought hers and our tongues played with each other. We rolled around on the bridge and I snorted and grabbed her hips from behind and stopped her so she was on her knees a little bit. With my hands I grabbed her young breasts and started hugging them.

My hands now slid down her side, finding their way to her silky inner thighs. I started to kiss her and my tongue approached her little pink crack. Soon I had reached my goal and my tongue hit her stiff springs.

Julie moaned weakly. - Ah, yes, it's good, she whispered in my ear. I'm crazy about you. My tongue played gently inside her warm interior. Gently I began to fuck her, first with my tongue, then with one finger, then with two. Soon she was moaning so loudly and screaming that I had to hold a little again.

I stopped as she asked but too late. An orgasm rippled through her body and she sank down next to me.

- I want to make real love with you, she said quietly. Her eyes were clouded with lust. She turned so she was lying on her back and spread her long beautiful legs a little. I bent over her, guided the cock into place and with a sigh I slid into her. She held me convulsively and moved her abdomen in the same rhythm as I thrust into her. It was so wonderfully beautiful.

Slowly I started to pick up the pace. The cock head was so tight that I had to be a little careful or it hurt. My nipples were tense and I was excited like never before. Good that Julie had come, because I could soon follow, I could tell.
I picked up the pace a bit and Julie tossed her head from side to side. The sight of her face drove me crazy. Her lips were half open and she was still looking directly at me with blurry eyes. I felt her vagina tighten around my cock and then I couldn't hold in anymore.

With a roar I came deep inside her and collapsed exhausted on her naked body. As I exhaled, Julie eased herself into another orgasm.

Afterwards we jumped back into the water with the others. Since that night we have gotten together, and as soon as the opportunity presents itself, we go out for a night bath together again.

"The Night Bather"

Cozy love