The farmer's old daughter gave me my first bang..

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Hello report! I would like to make a contribution to the "grey pages".
I had my first sex experience several years ago. I was barely 16 years old.

Back then, I worked on a small farm somewhere in Jutland. The man was a widower, in his late 60s and fit and active. His daughter lived at home. was around 40.

She was responsible for all the household chores, as well as helping in the stables and fields. One day the farmer came to the hospital, and the daughter and I were left alone with the whole farm. There was enough to do

The animals in the stables had to be looked after, and the field work by hand. A few days later, one of the lakes had to be covered.
Of course I helped, and while the boar was getting loose, I got to look at the daughter. She had a very strange blissful expression in her eyes.
Suddenly she asked if I had ever been with a girl. I had to answer that in the negative.
She ran one hand down my stomach, down to my crotch. I quickly got a proper iron on.

- Follow me in, she whispered - and we went out from the stable, across the courtyard and into the farmhouse. On the way I slapped her behind.
She didn't say anything - but looked at me tellingly.
Inside the living room, she asked if I would like to do to her what the boar had just done to the sow.

I of course answered yes. We went into her bedroom. She kissed me and caressed my young by now very horny body. I touched her big wife's breasts, big buttocks and felt her soft inner thighs. Then we undressed each other.

She lay down on the bed and straddled. It was a proper mat between her legs. I had never seen a woman naked before, so I must have been a little scared. But she pulled me down between her legs, and after a while she helped me get the cock inside her.

No more than a minute passed, then I came with a bang. But here is the advantage of being young and virile. -
10 minutes later I could again - and we continued like that for a few hours, until she had had a few big orgasms...

"the boy"

Cozy love