She kissed me all over

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Dear report.

My name is Preben, and over the years I have been with a good 100-200 women and couples; threesomes, foursomes and other forms of group sex.

The women ranged in age from 17-47. I don't have any trouble getting hold of girls.

As I said, I have been with many women. But no one is like my own girl, Anette. She is simply the world's most beautiful girl, and she loves like a dream. I met her at the local disco one night when she came in with her friend. They were standing at the bar and I could see they were talking about me.

I went up to the bar to buy a drink and of course I struck up a conversation with them. We danced together all night and went our separate ways.

It was agreed that we should meet the following Saturday, when I invited her out to eat. After a delicious dinner, we sat and talked for a long time, and all of a sudden she pulled me over the table and gave me the longest and most passionate kiss I had had in a long time. When we finished at the restaurant, we went to the disco where we originally met. We had a lovely evening and I had been looking forward to us going home and making love. At long last we decided to go to my house.

At my house, we slid down on the couch and enjoyed the music, and it wasn't long before we ended up in each other's arms. We kissed and hugged for the huge gold medal - and God, how wonderful it was - it was just what I had been waiting for.
Carefully I began to touch her. Soon my hands had found her medium sized breasts which I massaged gently. Quietly I pulled her dress up over her hips and slipped a finger under her panties.
It gave her a gasp, and there was no doubt - she simply enjoyed it. She also felt the outside of my pants to see if there was a reaction. She felt the bulge growing and growing and ran her hand over it several times. She started to zip her pants down and said she wanted to be surprised with something big and nice.
We had already talked a lot at that time, so I knew that Anette was crazy about a big and thick cock. And I had just what she needed. A giant dick. 24 centimeters long and 19 centimeters in circumference.

It was too much for Anette, so we decided to go into the bedroom. There I began to undress her, but kept the clothes on myself.
I threw her down on the bed and licked her everywhere except where it's nicest! I ran my tongue around her nipples, making them hard and tense. At the same time, I constantly made sure she could see my face while I worked her. After a while of tantalizing play, I got up and went out to retrieve four belts from my wardrobe. I tied her hands and feet to each bedpost. After that I took a pillow and put it under her face. I started kissing her again and slowly but surely I licked further and further down her lovely cunt.

I licked her soft inner thigh and spooned around its opening. In the end, it might be enough. I just had to taste her cunt juice. After such a long wait, I had to taste pussy in my mouth.

When I finally let her feel my tongue, she got so horny that it made her squirm. She was completely wild. And at the same time as I licked her pussy, I ran a finger up her lovely love hole. I also licked her tight asshole. And I have to promise that Anette enjoyed it.

In the end I thought it was a pity for her. She literally screamed for cock, so I finally started to throw away the clothes myself. I raised the giant cock so it grew to full size. At the sight of this huge iron, she again screamed with excitement and asked me to drive it up into her. · But no, she had to wait a little longer!

The foreskin still sat protectively around the sensitive cock head. Carefully I pulled the foreskin. back and thus exposed the shiny and soft head. I walked over to the bed and sat over her stomach so she could smell my cock. She begged to lick it, but she needed some more teasing.

I untied her ties. And I had barely untied her before she went completely crazy. She lay on her back, held her legs in the air and screamed: »Take me Preben - fuck me!!!< On my knees I positioned myself with the dick right in front of her opening. To tease her, I let the cock head in and then out again. Each time she tried to press it down, but I pulled back so that only the spikes entered the heat.

The thought of her lying horny and open in front of me wild after being impaled by the giant cock made my lust rise a few more notches. Soon after, I gave up. Pushed the rod up into her. The 24 centimeters disappeared in her hole. The pussy expanded to the breaking point and she screamed with lust. The last few centimeters might hurt her a little bit, but I could still see she was enjoying it.

It was all getting to her, I could hear her breathing. I now increased the pace to rabbit speed and watched her labia embrace my colossal cock. It gave bonus, so it exploded. She came into an orgasm the likes of which I have never heard. It was as if she would never stop, but eventually she relaxed and fell exhausted into my arms. After a short pause, she rolled me onto my back and licked me all over. She took the dick in her mouth and started to lick it, simultaneously squeezing my nipples. This was truly a woman who knew how a man would have sucked cock.

It was amazing to watch my cock slide in and out of her mouth. Seeing her sensual lips encircle the large rod.

It was just before she couldn't yawn over it. But her stubbornness forbade her to let it go and she swallowed it whole. She sucked and licked and I moaned loudly every time I saw it disappear down her throat.

We turned around so that she was lying with the cock in her mouth while I licked her. She whimpered a bit at first, but thoroughly enjoyed it as I licked her to the next orgasm.

My orgasm was approaching. And even though I tried to hold back, I squirted a load of cum into her mouth. It only made her suck even more intensely.

I saw how she tried to swallow it all, but she just didn't have it in her at all. Instead, she licked it clean for the last drop. Her whole body was burning hot and it vibrated with eagerness for more cock. Suddenly she lost control of herself and another orgasm shook her body.

After a five-minute break, the cock began to throb again. She lay on her side with her upper leg bent forward so that her pussy was open to my drooling member. I stuck the dick in the bottom again. The pubic hairs crackled like cellophane as they rubbed against each other.

Her refined technique, which made her hold the cock in an iron grip, ignited the fire in me. I fucked her like crazy. Our horny moans turned into estrous howls. I had a sensation of constant ejaculation - it was so wonderful.

I suddenly had the perverse urge to see how much she could take of that big cock. Sit on me,' I said. I grabbed her hips and pressed her down on top of me. She turned the whites out of her eyes, and the orgasm was so violent that it almost hurt Anette.

I just pumped away with the speed of lightning - unable to sense either time or space. The release washed over me. Her body was shaking and her lap was throbbing and throbbing so I thought it was going to explode.

We lay next to each other like two fallen heroes, but we both thought it had been 'fantastic. I didn't wake up until the next day that Anette had started fiddling with the dick again. She lifted the quilt a little and asked: "How is Elvis?"
- It's not called Elvis, I replied. It's called Rambo! She's just lovely and she's mine.

Preben »Rambo-Hansen

Cozy love