The shaving

Hello report!

I am a horny 19-year-old girl who would like to tell about a horny experience that led me to find the guy of my dreams.
I lived with my friend and her boyfriend. One day two of my friend's friends came to visit.
I was hot on one of them and absolutely loved getting his penis inside me. Well, but we sat and drank coffee and had a good time.

While we sat and talked, my friend started scratching her pussy. My dream guy asked her if she was itchy and she replied that she just shaved to make her guy more horny!

Now my dream guy said he always dreamed of shaving a pussy. I replied like lightning that he then had my full approval to shave me and he didn't take long to say OK.

We quickly went into my room and took out the shaving tool. With a shaky hand, he started. When he had shaved me for a while I was insanely horny. My dream guy quickly noticed that my pussy was so wet with the juices that it was running from it. You must have become horny, he said and I replied: Yes! Fuck me! Would you please!

Yes, he wanted to, so I took off his pants and a nice, big cock came out. I touched it a bit, and then I began to suck it off according to all the rules of art. And when he came, I got his cum in my mouth. It tasted good and was deliciously sweet...

Now he started by kissing me all over my body, and when he got to my horny pussy, he started licking and biting the clit. That's the best I know. He licked me to a huge orgasm.

I screamed and screamed when I came. I wonder what they were thinking in the next room, I thought afterwards.
Well, then we lay for five minutes, kissing and hugging each other. Then I was so horny that I wanted his big penis up in my wet pussy again. Quickly he stuck it up and began to drive it in and out of the hole and then he wanted to lick again.

We took a 69er and his penis was so gloriously big and hard that I had never seen anything like it.
When we had been lying and sucking and licking for some time, I wanted it up in me again. (I just can't get enough penis!) He stuck it deep, I screamed and screamed and we both came out in an amazing orgasm.

But afterwards we were also completely flat, and we lay and talked together and agreed that we should get together.

And since then it has turned into many, wonderful bangs.

Often I lie and masturbate for hours, waiting for him to come and poke me with his big, glorious penis!
Ah, my treasure bass and super bull!