Mother-in-law replaces my wife

Dear Gray Pages!

Mother-in-law has moved in with us. It saves expenses, and my wife thinks it's nice to have someone look after me; since I go a lot off We have no children, my wife and I, and she travels a lot for her company.

My wife has told mother-in-law that I have a great need for sex, so mother-in-law was in on it from the start!

I said that I had to masturbate, with my F1S V2 from LELO, at least twice a day if I was without women and then she said that too bad it wasn't necessary if I wanted to settle for her!

She could always help with her hand, she said, but I asked directly if she wanted to fuck and a few minutes later we were in her room!

We undressed each other and we were already well warmed up.

Mother-in-law is very modern so she had no bra. And when I pulled her dress up over her head, I saw the most beautiful breasts. Firm and round and with lovely, hard warts.

I kissed them and at the same time she pulled my pants off me and started with a "MANTA" from Fun Factory to massage my penis, which is always bristling with voluptuousness.

Once I had her panties off, I let a pair of eager fingers explore the crack. She was as wet and fit as a teenager!

We laid down on her bed and after a great foreplay where everything was tried, she led my stiff cock up into her hungry, wet mother-in-law's pussy. And now followed a horse ride that I will soon forget.

But due to sheer eagerness, the ride was unfortunately not that long. Only 10 minutes! Then I squirted my hot cum into my mother-in-law's pussy.

But when we had rested in each other's arms for half an hour, we took revenge. And now, for the first time, I experienced a woman who had more than one orgasm. Mother-in-law was simply crazy like a native of Africa!

She bit, scratched and screamed in pleasure, and I was happy that I managed to hold back my ejaculation until I felt it hit her for the fifth time!

And when she was just about to come, she screamed that I should give her everything I had in me, and again I pumped her tight can full.

Now we went to sleep in each other's arms. And after a long sleep we took a shower together. And as we stood in the shower, we promised each other that neither of us would suffer sexual distress as long as we had each other!

Apparently my wife has discovered what's going on, but she's not saying anything. Confident, she goes out with her company, because she knows that I will stay at home when she is out.

I have a mother-in-law!

The son-in-law