Divorced Mrs Sørensen Seduced Me

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Young friends! In the property where we lived, there was a bench down in the yard. One day, when I had come home from school, I was fixing something on my bicycle, and then Mrs. Sørensen came down from the second floor and sat on the bench.

It was very hot. Mrs Sørensen was wearing a dress with buttons down the front, and she unbuttoned it so the sun could warm and brown her thighs. I could see her white panties. She sat with her eyes closed, and I couldn't help but keep leaning over there.

I knew she had been living with a man, but I didn't know if they had been married. It was probably a few months ago that he had moved, so now she probably lived alone.
I saw her pick up a cigarette and then she asked if I had a match?

I immediately went over and handed her the box. — Sit down and bring a cigarette, she said. And she gave me the last one in the package.
I had never spoken to Mrs Sørensen before, but she was very nice. She asked how old I was and I said I was 16. — Then I'm twice as old as you, she said. I was later told that she was 36, but it could not matter.

We sat and talked for fifteen minutes, and I sat staring at her bare, tanned thighs. Well, I have to get back up, she said. But I don't have any more cigarettes. Do you want to drive to the grocery store and pick someone up? Also bring some soft drinks, so you're cute.

When I got up there, she took a bottle of schnapps out of the fridge. We're just going to have an airplane juice, she said. She poured schnapps into a couple of glasses and diluted with soda.

She sat up on the kitchen table and I sat on a chair in front. The dress was still unbuttoned and when she spread her legs a little I could see she had taken off her panties

Are you engaged? She asked. No, I said. Maybe you don't date girls at all? No, I said hesitantly.

I hardly knew where to look because I was completely dizzy. Sure it was hot, but it wasn't because of the heat that I was sweating. Maybe it was from the schnapps or maybe it was from sitting there and looking up at Mrs Sørensen between her thighs.

Can you see my mistake? She said suddenly. I didn't know what to answer. She opened one more button in the dress so that her cunt was completely exposed.
Have you never seen one like this before? She said. My mouth went completely dry and I could only shake my head in denial.
But you have often wanted to see someone like that, she continued. I nodded shyly.

— You may touch it, she said. Come here, my boy!” I put the back of my hand awkwardly on it.
Isn't it nice and soft? She said yes, I moaned. Bring your finger! And then she took my finger and led it into the soft. I was about to pass out.

Now she had unbuttoned the dress all the way, so that her breasts were exposed. Kiss my babes! She said. And when I cautiously approached with my mouth, she grabbed my neck and pressed my face hard between her breasts.
- Came! She said. We go into the bedroom.

On the way in, she threw off the dress and was completely naked. And now I saw her lovely ass. She helped me undress and when she put her arms around my stiff penis, I sweated even more.

"Now don't be so shy, my boy," she said. Now we're going to have a great time.
She pulled me down on the bed and then she lay over me and took my penis in her mouth and sucked on it. But she quickly stopped and lay on her back. When she spread her legs, her pussy was slightly open.
Come and lay on top of me, she said. And she grabbed my penis and guided it into the cunt. And when I started to drive in and out, Mrs. Sørensen tilted her ass in time with me.
I was sweating, so it was raining on me, but it was just from emotion, and suddenly it came on me.

Just stay there, she smiled. You'll be back soon my boy. She lay and squeezed my ass, and then she said:
Kiss Me! And when I kissed her, she stuck her tongue all the way into my mouth.

Kiss my tits too! She said, I sucked on her nipple, My penis started to grow again and when she felt it, she rocked her ass quite quietly.
Soon we were in full swing again. And this time I could hold on much longer and our mouths sucked each other as it went on me again.

Was it nice? Asked Mrs Sørensen. I nodded and now I wasn't shy at all anymore.
And when I got my clothes on, I hugged her and squeezed her bare ass and kissed her with my tongue inside her mouth.

When I left, she said I should come up there another day. I didn't really have the courage to go up there, but then she came down to the yard and asked if I couldn't help her with anything - and I could always, because I quickly found out what it was I was supposed to help that lady with.

She taught me many wonderful things when we lay naked in her bed, and I found out that there are many, many more ways to cum than I had ever imagined in my boyish imagination.

But then one day she left town - but I'll never forget now.
Mrs Søensen.
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