Came to visit when we were nannies

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I am a 16-year-old girl who a short time ago had a wonderful sexual experience. Me and my friend were to be alone at home one evening. We had to look after my 5-year-old little brother.

We found out that we were going to have a good time and had therefore bought some beers. But when we had put my little brother to bed, the doorbell rang. My friend opened the door.

It was two boys from the class, Claus and Per. They asked if they could and they did.

By 10 o'clock we had drunk all the beers and were in a good mood.

Suddenly Claus started touching me. He kissed and hugged me, so I went crazy. When he started touching my breasts, I looked over at my friend and discovered that she and Per were also well into it.

Claus had started to take off my panties and when they were off, he started to run a finger out and into me!

I was a little shy and looked over at my friend and saw that she was lying and fussing with PerClaus gently biting one of my nipples

Now suddenly I wasn't shy anymore. I pulled his pants off. He was already ready...

Afterwards he laid me down and gently entered me and began to ride in and out.

Cross, how wonderful it was. When I turned my head and saw that my friend was sitting on top of Per and riding him, I got so excited that I had an orgasm.

A little later, Claus "came" too! It was the most beautiful evening of my life, but there is one thing that torments me - I think I have become pregnant...

"Ulla V"