Hello report!

I am a 16-year-old boy who has felt like telling about my best sex experience:

It all started when I was on holiday with my stepmother.

My stepmother has a very large garden, so she has hired me as a gardener while I am out there. I just have to tell you that my stepmother's name is Mette and she looks damn good.

So one day, when I was playing in the garden and Mette was sunbathing, I asked if I shouldn't get my camera and take some nice pictures of her?

I had to, so I picked up the device and charged it up in zero point five I had photographed her deliciously.

She became cheekier and cheekier in her positions, because she said: You must have something proper in the box!
I persuaded her to throw away the bikini top and then I snapped again.

I had to go in to get extra film three times. But then Mette suddenly asked if she shouldn't throw away the panties - and that. Of course I said yes.

But she would only do it; if I took some close ups of the pussy so I got my pants down between her legs.

When I got close, I could see that she was soaking wet, and then I threw the camera and without further ado, started licking her pussy.
She went completely crazy. She tore my hair and pressed my face all the way into her pussy.

—I licked her labia and munched on her springs and then it happened: Hum became completely stiff — and afterwards as limp as a quilt.

I got up and lifted her up, and then we went into the house—into the bedroom to be exact!

There she began to undress me, and when I was completely naked she pushed me over on the bed and walked away.

She started kissing my face, then down to my neck, chest, stomach and thighs and my penis.
She took it in her mouth and let her tongue play around the head while squeezing my nipples.
No, it was great. It was as if lightning ran through my body, from my head down to my toes and then back up to my penis.

The whole universe exploded when I came. I sprayed and sprayed.

When I came to, Mette was lying next to me. She kissed my ear and whispered that I should fuck her!

It may well be that others can, but I now require at least half an hour break after an ejaculation, so we broke the neck of a couple of greens.

She started playing with my limp cock and the miracle happened. It rose!
No, how happy she was. She shouted that now I should spank her.
I didn't mind that either, but first I wanted to taste her juices:
I munched, licked and kissed her cunt until she came again, now more restrained than the first time.

Then I lay on my back and made her straddle my lap.
She slowly lowered herself down my penis. I held it so I got a few fingers inside. Then she started riding me.

Slowly at first, _but then faster and faster as I played her sources.
With a scream she came again. She rolled onto the bed, but I still hadn't come, so I pushed my penis up into her. This time from behind.

Both my hands were busy playing on her springs and examining her asshole respectively.

We came at the same time this time.
My cum flushed her pussy clean, and her juices ran down her and my thighs.
We woke up only in the evening.
Then we went into the kitchen and cooked, still naked.
And later we walked around naked for two days and fucked whenever we wanted.

It was a wonderful holiday.