Four couples had a sex orgy

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Hello all report readers—

Now you will get the story of how my summer holiday for approx. 10 years ago took shape.
I had been looking forward to it for a long time, and the day finally arrived.
We were four couples who were going on a camping trip on Bornholm.

The things were packed and we were now about to board the ferry. The mood was high, everyone was happy and the weather was just perfect.

It was shaping up to be the holiday of all time.

We arrived at the campsite and pitched our tents. They were placed in a square, so we had a nice cozy place in the middle.

We sat down with some good food and a few bottles of wine, we just needed to heal up on top of the journey.
My guy had always loved fucking, and it wasn't long before he was whispering to me if we should go into our tent and have some fun.

The first few days passed quietly with me having sex with my guy Jens, three or four times a day
He knew everything about how I wanted it, so it turned into one great orgasm after another.

One evening, when we were all supposed to be enjoying ourselves, something else happened.
We had made a fire, ate roasted sausages and drank copious amounts of wine.
Kurt sat down next to me and held me. I did not attach any great importance to that. We were all good friends.

Kurt started complaining that his girl Lene would never make love to him and that I wouldn't talk to her.

He had studied how often Jens and I made love and he had stood outside the tent and heard my screams every time I came.

I discovered that Jens was sitting talking to Lene and went over there to talk to them.

Lene was working on a similar account that her boyfriend had given me, and I began to believe that it was all a set-up so that they might experience something new.

The thought was not unappealing. I suggested to Jens that he go for a walk with Lene and comfort her a little.

They quickly got up, disappeared with a remark that it was a good idea.
I went back to Kurt and said:

Come, I'll show you something fun and nice...

I dragged him to our tent.

— Feel under my dress, there is something that wants to feel your hand...
He put his hand under my dress, between my legs and felt my wet pussy.
He looked at me a little surprised because he noticed that I wasn't wearing any panties.
I told him it was because I was almost always horny and that it was much easier to get some fucking done without having to remove a lot of clothing first.

He sat and fumbled a little helplessly at me. I had to help him get going, so I let my hand slide across his stomach and a little down the bulge in his pants.

Then I zipped his pants down. Had them opened wide so I could study what it was he was hiding.
His cock felt big and nice, so I gently pulled it forward and fiddled with it a bit.

It looked like someone who hadn't had anything for a long time, so I felt really bad for it and simply had to kiss it a little so that it could be happy again.

I started gently kissing. Then I had to suck on it properly.
A loud moan came from him and he drilled his penis deep into my throat. I was completely out of breath.
Then I asked him to lie down and placed my end just above his head.
Immediately he began to lick. I leaned forward and took his lovely hard cock into my mouth.

The help would not be so great now, because it was standing and bristling straight up into the air.
For a while we just lay there enjoying ourselves like that, but then I could sense that it was time for me to really feel him.

I positioned myself right on top of him and could feel the cock slide all the way inside me.

I was soaking wet.

This was actually exciting, although the thought of what Jens and Lene were doing crossed my mind.

Kurt worked harder and harder into me and I rode so it was a pleasure. Suddenly he drilled his nails into my back. It hurt, but it was also nice.

His rough treatment of me, coupled with his howl as he ejaculated and I felt his juices squirt into me, made me come.

I screamed at him to keep going, to keep tearing and scratching me and pounding his cock all the way down.
Then I relaxed. I just sat on his stomach and tried to get normal breathing again. Kurt just lay with his eyes closed and a blissful smile on his lips. A little later we agreed that we wanted to go for a walk.

We went down to the beach, and there we discovered Jens and Lene.

Lene lay with her lovely buttocks bristling straight behind, while she eagerly sucked Jens' cock off.

It looked delicious and I couldn't really allow myself to get jealous. So we just had a look.
Two souls one thought. Kurt moved forward with the dick and drilled it into Lene's rear hole at the same time that I positioned myself over Jens' head.

For a moment they looked at us a little bewildered, but then all four of us went into the complete pleasure.

Jens licked me, his tongue hard and nice, at the same time he worked on my nipples, making them stiff and hard.
It was nice. Lene's breasts swayed back and forth right in front of me, so I had to touch them.
She moaned. It was something she liked.

All four of us concentrated hard and as if on cue we all came together.
My juices ran down over Jens' head, he sprayed on Lene, so it drove off her. Kurt was on his knees, his spasms shaking his entire body as he squirted into Lene's cunt.

At the same time he grabbed Lene's driving, juicy pussy, and she moaned to me that I should grip her breasts harder.

A rattling sound proved that now she was also there.
We all threw ourselves into the sand, and after a while we all ran into the water.

We returned to the campsite and the others were still enjoying themselves so we all sat down and talked for a bit.

But the four of us had developed a taste for what we had just tried, so all four of us went into our tent.
In every possible way we fucked and licked all night, we switched around and it was impossible to find out who was fucking who.
In the morning, Jens and Kurt fell asleep.

Lene and I talked a bit, and she told me that she had always wanted to lick pussy and whether we should try it now.

We laid down in a 69er and lay just as still, examining each other.
We became more and more courageous. Noticed each other both inside and out, and it all ended with us both exploding.

-Before we fell asleep, we agreed that it wasn't the last time we'd had fun with each other.

The other two couples quickly found out what was going on, and it soon dawned on us that they wanted to join us as well.
Not many days passed, then there were eight of us just making love, with whoever we wanted.
And sometimes we were all gathered on the beach for the big sex orgy.

We all had a delicious feeling of being completely free, and we all continued to bowl together for several years.

But when we were together, well, we always ended up fucking.


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