On the Dance Floor

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I am a 26-year-old girl who experienced something amazing last Saturday.
I was at a disco with a friend.
We live in a small town. We all know the 40s, so it's flat out boring.
That's how it is when you live in a small town.

But this evening was very special. I sat alone at a small table with a beer in front of me and a cigarette in my mouth and thought about everything and nothing.
Suddenly someone quite beautiful and new stood in front

-May I? He said.
I got all warm inside and immediately felt strongly attracted to him. Of his dark, curly hair, his mustache and calm, brown eyes. At the same time, they played a record that I like a lot.

A calm soul.
My new and sweet lover, Steen, pressed me close to him, and I floated on a pink cloud.
After we danced for a few minutes, I suddenly felt his penis stiffen.
In the past I've always left that kind of forty in the middle of the dance floor but this time I just wanted the dance floor to be a bed...

At first I was slightly frightened by my vile thoughts, but then I pressed myself closer to him. The dance floor was very cramped and I could clearly feel his penis through my dress.
I knew I wanted him and gasped with happiness as he lifted my chin and planted a hot kiss on my mouth. We had been kissing each other for a long time with our mouths open when I suddenly felt his hand on the inside of my thigh.

I thought for a moment that people could see what we were doing, but in reality I was stunningly involved so the whole team saw us!

His hand continued up under my short dress and quickly found its way inside my panties. The fingers played with the tassel for a moment, but continued downward towards the spring, which he now massaged deeply.

Then he slipped his index finger between my labia. But suddenly he removed his hand. I longed for it, so the half minute that passed before it was there again felt like an eternity.
But when his hand came back, I got a wonderful surprise: He had used the time to zip up his trousers!

Now he tore a hole in my paper panties and pressed himself against me. I was so excited that he easily penetrated further and further into me, and I wondered for a brief second if he really wanted to do the naughty thing right here, in the middle of the dance floor. He would!

Suddenly he got down on his knees a little and then penetrated me: And now he started fucking me in time to the music. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever been a part of.

I had one orgasm after another and I just wanted him to never stop.
But soon there was a break in the music, and Steen pulled out.
He bowed and thanked him for the "Dance"!

Then he disappeared and I never saw him again, so it's probably not the first time he's fucked on a dance floor, but God it was great.

I'll never forget it.

The seduced

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