The blacksmith put pipes in

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Me and my friend, Susanne, are two stay-at-home housewives in our late twenties.

We live in the same building in a Danish provincial town, and we usually meet in the afternoon over a cup of coffee — kaffeslapperrads, as my husband says.

One afternoon, when we were sitting with our coffee as usual, the doorbell rang.
It was the blacksmith who had to fix a leaky pipe in the bathroom.
The blacksmith, or rather the blacksmith's journeyman, was a young man in his early twenties. He started working with his tools, but we continued with the coffee.

After some time, Susanne had to go out to pee, and it took her time.
When about twenty minutes had passed, I went to the bathroom to see what had become of her. I opened the door — and was about to roar!
Because on the floor Susanne was lying on all fours and wiggling her ass. Beneath her lay the journeyman blacksmith, deeply engrossed in probing the leaks in her cunt with his tongue!
I was about to shout when I noticed an unusually large bulge in the blacksmith's pants and it wasn't. his plier.

It started to burn strangely in my cunt, and I felt the desires increase and increase second by second.
With the speed of lightning, I shed my clothes and jumped to him and began to zip down his pants.
In a flash I had his large, stiff forged penis in my hand, and while I massaged it with firm grip, I kissed and nuzzled the root and the clunks that hung like ripe pears under the iron rod.

After a few minutes we switched, so the blacksmith sucked my pussy while I masturbated Susanne and she the blacksmith.
I want dick!

Shouted Susanne suddenly. Arh, when I came out and saw the blacksmith's muscles, I wanted so much dick. Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me!
Wordlessly, the blacksmith mounted her from behind. With a well-directed thrust, he got it all the way down, and she moaned wildly as he began to pump—to "put the tube in."
I squatted in front of Susanne so she could lick my pussy, and she did a really good tongue job until she suddenly stopped and shouted: I'm coming! I am coming!

I quickly nudged the blacksmith so he smoked out the hole and instead I placed the butt so he could continue in my now very wet can.
We switched between two shocks, so to speak! —He didn't manage to cum for very long before I felt that the release was about to overpower me.
I screamed out loud and then I came, In the same moment the doorbell rang!

Susanne went out and opened the door, while I got rid of the blacksmith, who had not yet gotten anything out of it.
It was my children who called, they were hungry!
Well, Susanne went out and buttered food, and meanwhile I sacrificed a few minutes to finish the blacksmith - by hand.

It was probably the least - you could do it as a thank you for a quick and effective blow on hungry housewives!

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