Nice when my girl makes love to other guys

The blacksmith put pipes in Reading Nice when my girl makes love to other guys 12 minutes Next It was her husband's own fault that we met.
It was in the spring of 1979 that we had this wonderful experience.

We are a couple.
She is 42 years old, long blonde hair, shapely, beautiful big breasts that are simply boasting of well-being, a small cheeky Parisian ass, long beautiful legs and a wild, lovely pussy, which fortunately is completely insatiable.
He is 32 years old, a little heavy, but otherwise very ordinary. Well equipped.
Our sex life is wonderful. However, we have a slightly special interest. She wants to sleep with all the guys she can possibly get her hands on, and I enjoy her doing it.
Hearing her talk about her experiences when she gets home, It drives me crazy, so I just fuck her. The best she knows is if a guy fucks her while I'm watching.

Well, now to the point.

I was going to the general meeting and afterwards to eat with a few colleagues. Lise wanted to go into town with a friend.
At noon I went home to change and a nice surprise awaited me.
Inside the double bed lay Lise. Naked with a massager both in the pussy and in the rear hole. She rubbed her clitoris wildly, while nibbling one nipple.
She was completely lost in her sex dreams.
I would just like to add that she often satisfies herself that way. Meanwhile, she dreams about a guy she recently fucked.
She's really good at it, and I get extremely horny looking at her when she does it. I stood in the doorway for a while and enjoyed the sight of her before she noticed me. Hello, she said. Hurry up. Come and fuck me!

I was in bed with her in no time, and we all had a blast.
Afterwards we lay down and had a smoke, and she said:
I'd like it if we both go to Maritza's tonight, but pretend we don't know each other. Then I'll dance and play up to the different guys while you watch it…
Later I want to take some guy home and fuck him!

We agreed on that and I took a shower to finish up so I could make it to my meeting.
Before I walked out the door, she was already at work with her clitoral vibrators again. She really wanted to work herself up to the big thing later in the day.
I had difficulty concentrating on my meeting. The more I thought about Lise, the more it itched somewhere.
It was almost 11pm before I could get away. I rushed in on Maritza, anxious to see if she had arrived.

She was!

I spotted her right away on the dance floor. She danced very close and naughty with a guy. I stood for a while enjoying the sight of her. She was really lovely to look at. It was quite clear that she was ready for the big adventures.
She was wearing a very low cut white blouse and you could clearly see her hard bristly nipples. Small thigh-short skirt, black stockings with and a pair of very high shoes. She was constantly on the dance floor. Everyone danced close and cheeky with her, and many were the hands that explored her body.
Finally I managed to get a dance with her. I was completely startled to feel the ferocity of her kiss at the same time as she rubbed her abdomen against me. I was immediately allowed to stand cock, but she continued and whispered:
I look forward to waking you up tomorrow morning. With a really horny and freshly fucked pussy. I can't wait any longer to get a penis!
When the dance was over, she disappeared in a flash. She was well aware that I had been prepared to take her home and fuck her right away.
At one o'clock I went home and went to bed. But I couldn't sleep. I was way too horny.
Instead, I lied to myself. I thought of my lovely girl.
At three o'clock I heard the front door open. She came home and I could hear she had a guy with her.
A little later she came into my bedroom.
What a sight. Skirt and panties had fallen. She stood there, only in a blouse, stockings and shoes. She leaned over the bed and kissed me very, very rudely. Wrapped around my penis and massaged it a bit.

I slipped a hand between her thighs and enjoyed feeling her dripping wet pussy. I found her little hard plug and rubbed it gently until she had a small orgasm.
She quickly excused herself and said:
—Whoah, whoah. You have to wait until it's your turn. I have found the guy of all time, he has a big naughty cock, I am absolutely crazy about…
Then she took her quilt and left.

Just before closing the door, she said:
— Don't you want to go into the room and watch me fuck, I'd really like that... I was a little surprised, but at the same time excited by the thought, so I answered: Yes, if you see!
The look she sent me was answer enough.

The room she was talking about has windows into the living room, and when I got in I realized that it was something she had prepared, because a chair had been put in for me, and inside the living room she had rearranged, so that nothing stood in the way in front of the windows.
I sat down. It was only five meters to them, and I saw how she spread the quilt on the floor right in front of me. She leaned in to me and smiled.
A little later, a guy in his 40s came up to her. He was only in underpants that couldn't hold his big, stiff cock at all.
He hugged her, kissed her and pulled her blouse off. Their embrace became more and more violent. She stood with her legs spread and he gave her an orgasm with his fingers.
A little later she squatted in front of him and removed his panties. Grabbed the penis and nose with both hands and greedily took the penis in her mouth.
She put him down and continued with her pacifier and lick until he pulled her up to him. They kissed and caressed a bit before she knelt down straddling his cock. She rubbed the pussy back and forth before slowly pressing the pussy down over the penis.
At first she rode him slowly, but it quickly got wilder. He held a breast in each hand, and suddenly she threw herself down on top of him. Kissed him violently and brutally.
Meanwhile, the penis was running like a piston in her cunt. Suddenly it went on her, and at the same time he ejaculated.
Her wild, lustful screams echoed throughout the house.

It was too much for my penis. It was about to explode, so I went to bed, played it, and had the all-time release while I was lying thinking about Lise, and looking forward to her coming in to me.

After a while I fell asleep.

At nine o'clock I woke up. I had a decent boyfriend and wondered if she was done with him soon.
I got up. I "Just wanted to take a quick bath."
When I came out into the entrance hall, I was greeted by a delicious and cheeky sight
Lise stood and took leave of her lover; She was naked and stood kissing him. He had one hand on her pussy and I heard her beg him to come back soon.
Then I slipped into the shower.
When I came back into the bedroom, she was lying on the bed waiting for me. She looked pretty cheeky. Her pussy was big and wet. And extremely horny.
I lay down next to her, kissed her and pressed her to me. She whispered that I should fuck her nice and quiet, then she would tell me about what she had done.
I laid on top of her, got my penis into an absolutely fantastic wet pussy, horny and hot. If I wasn't horny before, I was now. I rode her with the greatest gusto and had to be careful not to explode too soon.
As I slid into her pussy, she: Ah yes, fuck me. I'm so horny. You can believe I got a lot of nice cock last night!
Freddy was all time. He could' drive me completely crazy - And I enjoyed you looking at us!
He fucked me three times before we fell asleep at seven o'clock. We didn't sleep very long and then we rode again and it was much better than last night. I absolutely love his body and dick..:
That's how she continued. Eventually it became too much for me. I rode her like crazy. My ejaculation was coming fast.
When I could feel that she was about to come too, I gave it my full arm. We came in a joint huge orgasm. We recovered a bit, got up and made morning coffee.
We sat in the kitchen and enjoyed ourselves, and she talked about how wonderful she had been and how she had enjoyed it.
When we finished the coffee, I put my arms around her, kissed her passionately, and said: Come on honey. Now I want a really naughty pussy. After all, they are what you are waiting for...

She didn't answer me but went to bed We cuddled a bit before I lay down between her spread legs licking her pussy while she herself lay with a breast in each hand and zeroed in on her perky nipples
I stuck three fingers up her pussy and ran them gently back and forth. She became horny very quickly and forgot time and place and swam completely in her passionate voluptuousness.
Her orgasms came in close succession, getting bigger and bigger. Suddenly she shouted:
Keep going. I dream so beautifully. It's just so nice..
Let me hear what you dream, I said.
At the same time I licked on. Pulled my fingers out of her pussy and stuck them up her ass instead

It gave her a set. She moaned loudly, writhed lasciviously, and said:—I'm dreaming, I'm lying in the living room. Ah yes Freddy lick me. You are so beautiful I want you. Fuck me. Fuck my horny cunt...
She continued like this until she had a colossal orgasm that drove her crazy.
I stopped, lay on top of her, and drilled my stiff penis up her cunt.
We rode like wild animals. Both completely lost to the outside world. In the end we both had a fantastic orgasm, collapsed completely exhausted in each other's arms, and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up to her lying sucking my penis. I quickly came to my senses so that I could really participate. She sat on me and rode quietly and gently as I touched her breasts.
It was great to feel how horny she was. Suddenly she said:
— Wasn't it nice to get pussy on me, right after someone else had ridden me and filled me with cum?..
Yes, I replied. I love it as much as you do. It's the best I know...
- I want to play with myself a bit, she continued, But then you have to talk to me rudely. Do you want to do that?..
I would like to. She laid down, found her two dildo vibrators, inserted them into each hole and then lay down and excited herself.
I touched her breasts and said:
Are you riding with Freddy now. I enjoyed watching Freddy give you a penis. It was rude to see you lying around and being so horny!
She twisted around on the bed and moaned loudly, so I continued:
- Will he soon have pussy with you again?..
She became incredibly wild. I let her go and sat down quietly and enjoyed watching her in my imagination riding Freddy to pieces. She was having a great time. She did everything to herself as she likes, and of course it ended with a huge orgasm.

Then she threw the appliances aside and gave me a big hug and said:
Now Freddy has had enough pussy for this time. Now I want to feel you beloved, and only you…
We made love nice and long, in the good old-fashioned way. That's also great, and we do that very often.

Two who love sex