Sex in the woods

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This is a story about a lovely summer Saturday, when my friend, our two guys and I were on our way to Hornbæk beach.

We agreed to hitchhike up there, but no one stopped and took four people, so we split up.
The girls had to be together, and the guys the other team.

We made a bet as to who would get up there first and we girls were pretty sure we would win.

It didn't take long before a car with two young forties pulled up. They were also going to the beach, so we could easily drive along.
We had a blast in the car and talked and had fun as if we had known each other forever.
Of course, we told about the bet we had made and boasted that we would definitely win.
The guys in the car weren't sure.
At first neither of us understood the allusion, but it soon dawned on us when they drove down a small forest road and stopped the car.

They suggested we go for a walk in the woods before continuing to the water.
We ran and chatted, hid from each other and just had fun.
I was standing behind a tree, facing it, when suddenly I felt someone wrap around me, at the same time I felt a hand slip under my summer dress.

I stood completely still, waiting, anxious to see what would happen next.
My bikini bottoms were just as quietly peeled off and I felt a wonderfully large cock being inserted into my pussy.
I had become very horny and could feel the juices running down my thighs.
Quite automatically, I bristled the end behind so he could get to it better.
He could, as I stood there, really knock it all the way down.
It was magnificent.

I was fondling my clitoris. It seemed absolutely enormous to me. I moaned and gasped.
He fucked loose and whispered that he had never met a hornier bitch than me and that I should be fucked so I would never forget it.
The more he talked, the wilder I got.
Then I came, I clung to the tree whimpering. It all worked out for me.
Then I felt his warm, lovely cum up my back. He ran his penis over my buttocks and he squirted and squirted. Then he sank exhausted into the grass.
I sat down next to him and stroked him lovingly over his erect penis.
It could be that it would like it once more. That thought appealed to me enormously.
Then I thought about what the others were doing, and we agreed to walk around a bit and look for them.
We soon spotted them.

My friend was lying in the grass and having a great time. She massaged her clitoris, let a finger run into her wide-open pussy, while she pinched and raised one nipple.
It looked horny and delicious.
I could feel my pussy could use a little more.
Then I spotted the other guy. He stood leaning against a tree and played it tremendously. What a ride it had.
It was unbearable, so I went to him and took over what he was doing.
After a while I got down on all fours and told him he might as well get it done properly.
In a flash he drove his huge penis into my rear hole. A wonderful feeling rippled through my body.
Moaning, I begged him to go crazy.
the penis was pounded at the same time that he properly massaged my wet pussy with wild eager fingers.
Another orgasm surged over me. Then I felt completely relaxed. I looked at my friend. The other guy had got his head good and solid between her legs.
His tongue was busy licking and sucking her drifting cunt.
She let out a scream. Tossed his head wildly from side to side.
The guy got up, threw himself down on top of her and slid his throbbing cock into her pussy.
She accepted with a whimper
A moment later, a violent ejaculation shook him. Then he lay completely limp on top of her

It was indeed a walk in the woods.

Then we remembered our bet with our two regular guys. They probably wanted to win, because quite a bit of time had passed.
We all got our clothes on, and then drove to Hornbæk.

There the guys sat and waited
Of course they laughed at us for taking so long about it.

But they just had to know…

The hitchhiker