The garbage man

The last few summers I have helped the local truck driver with the collection of garbage bags, because in the summer he also has several hundred summer houses to look after.

I drive in advance and put the bags out along the road, and then the trucker comes and collects them. Out by the summer houses, things have gradually grown, so there is plenty of opportunity to cultivate nude culture - and there will be!

Since the garbage racks are in most places behind the houses, it is not small things that you get to see on such a day. On the contrary, a quarter of the women lie or walk around completely naked, and often they lie on a dream bed and display all their underwear - or on their stomachs with their ass in the air.

Often you sneak in quite quietly and take the bag without them hearing it. One must not violate privacy.
But even if they walk around naked, it obviously doesn't bother them that a poor garbage man sees them. Perhaps they are more than amused by his arousal.

There are naked women of all ages, and it's a bad day if you don't see at least twenty. At work!
One day I entered a place where there was a ladies lunch. Six ladies in bathing suits sat and ate and spirits were high.
I was invited to the table for beer and schnapps. One of the ladies moved a little on the bench to make room for me, and we sat so close that I could feel the heat from her thighs.

She put her hand on my thigh and rubbed very gently. It was difficult to remain unaffected. I put a hand on her thigh under the cover of the table and it seemed to please her.
None of the others noticed what we were doing.

And her hand slid up and gave me a confiding squeeze right at the critical spot. But unfortunately I had to move on, so I got up and said thank you.

And my waitress also got up and slipped through the hedge into the house next door, where she obviously lived, because when I got in there she was waiting for me!

She quietly took my hand and said: Come along! I followed into the house. Here she put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

She had opened the top of the bathing suit so that it fell down to reveal a pair of lovely breasts.
I returned her kiss and my hands slid down the back of her bikini bottoms to grab her soft buttocks.
She fumbled with my belt and pulled it up so my pants fell down. She grabbed my penis with both hands. It wasn't long before we were lying on the bed.

She completely naked while I still had my shirt on. She had a lovely moist top, and I slid all the way into her; We had an absolutely fantastic fucking trip, and she told us that she was 32 years old, a teacher and divorced.

She had borrowed the house from her brother and was supposed to be there for three weeks.
Unfortunately, she was an isolated case.
All the others I, as a garbage man, have to content myself with looking at. But then it is also charged up for the wife in the evening.

The garbage man