He was only seven centimeters

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I am a seventeen-year-old girl who wants to tell about a lot! nice sex experience that I had half a year ago.

I had just started going to a new youth club when I got to know him. His name was Jens and he was very, very charming.

We quickly fell for each other, but we agreed to stick to the friendship as we had both just broken up.

We agreed that when we felt like it, we would tell each other without hesitation and take a fucking trip. He was the one who started it!

One day in the club when we were sitting watching TV, he came in and asked if we should drive home to, fuck! Of course I said yes immediately, because just the thought of; what was about to happen made me extremely horny. It was just so cool!

We drove to my house and when we sat on my bed he started kissing me. Cross your ass, how delicious it was! Nice to feel his narrow, soft lips against mine. And then the way he used his tongue!!!

So I was in seventh heaven, and I started to take him between my legs. It worked!

Two minutes later we were lying naked on my bed and he started caressing my breasts and my pussy. At the same time he kissed me nicely.

I think we were fucking each other for two minutes and then we couldn't hold back anymore.

Calmly but surely he drilled his penis into me. It gave me a wonderful, tickling sensation all over my body.

I might just add that his penis was no more than seven centimeters long and three centimeters in circumference at full size But fuck, he could.

While we were lying and fucking, we said a lot of naughty words to each other. When he came he lay down and shouted:

— Can you feel it coming! Can you feel it squirting! I couldn't feel it, but I could hear it — meaning he was moaning very loudly.

So loud that I was afraid he would wake my parents...

He also tried to get me to orgasm, but I couldn't.

We were together six times, but then I got another guy and he got a lady. We both agreed that it would be wrong to do the naughty thing behind their back. I still get the same with the same guy, but they broke up for Jens.

Once in a while, when I see him down the club, he winks at me. But he doesn't lie to me because he knows what I mean about infidelity.

If you — Jens — are reading this, I want to say thank you very much for some instructive shepherding lessons. It is certain and certain that I will never forget you, my dear!

...and here's a moral for other boys and girls: It's not the size, but the build .."17 years"