The school sweetheart

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There was a party at my old school.

A lot of the old students were going to meet, and I was really looking forward to seeing former classmates. It was going to be fun to see what each had become.

We met at the school and had to sit and eat as a class. The table was set festively, and everyone's mood was at its peak. We ate, drank, sang and had fun.

Afterwards there was dancing and I got to swing with some of the boys. Lovely to hear about their lives, wives, children and work, Late in the evening my old school friend came up to me and asked if we should dance. We danced for a long time, and he told us that he was actually a little dissatisfied with the whole thing, and had often thought about how it would have all gone if we had stayed together.

I laughed and said that it was some sentimental nonsense, but that we had had a very nice time.
Then he suggested that we walk around a bit and look at the school where we had spent so many hours of our lives. It was a mighty good idea, so we held hands and walked out of the gymnasium.

We wandered the halls and found our old classroom and went in and had a look.

Then he put his arms around me and started kissing me with a passion I hadn't thought possible for him.
At first I tried to squirm away, but then I began to enjoy it and returned his kisses and caresses.

He whispered to me that he had always wanted to fuck me right in the room, and preferably up on the lecture hall.
I went to the mentioned piece of furniture, pulled off my knickers, and climbed up and lay on my back, and said:

Then you will surely have your wish fulfilled. Come and fuck me...
He didn't let himself be told that twice. With the speed of lightning he was at me, and had pulled out his stiff penis.

He climbed on top of me and drilled it deep into me. Only a moment passed before he squirted into me while moaning and screaming.

He must have really needed it, and he collapsed like a dishcloth on top of me;
I asked him to move, or to do something sensible, because I had actually become quite horny, so I really wanted to get something out of it too, when he had now had his wish fulfilled.

He crawled down and lifted me to the edge of the catheter. Then he started licking my pussy.
Our old teachers would have turned in horror if they had seen how I lay writhing on their throne.

It was absolutely wonderful, and soon after I had a nice orgasm.

Now we had better get our clothes on properly and get back to the party before the others started to miss us.
So we tried to look a bit normal, and then continued our walk through the school premises.

We got to a utility room and there was a nice mattress. Now I had developed a taste for love, and thought that I also wanted a penis, so I put down the mattress, took off my clothes, and asked him to come and fuck me properly.

We made love for a long time quietly, and just felt a wonderful feeling that we had once belonged together.
We ended with a nice howl, where he drilled his penis into me, at the same time he nuzzled and pinched one of my nipples, and with the other hand massaged my clitoris until we had another nice orgasm.

Then we went back. On our way we met many other couples who seemed to have had the same good idea as us, to refresh old memories.

Before we parted, to go home to our respective families, we had a little parting shot and said thank you for a nice evening, and even though we had had a really nice time, we both knew that we would never have been able to put up with each other.

"Old student"