It was her husband's own fault that we met.

He and I had a late afternoon meeting about a new product that his factory was making and that my advertising agency was going to market.

It took place in the bar at my hotel and we probably talked for an hour over a few drinks.
The hotel has one of the city's best restaurants, and I think. we were going to eat together. he said.
But then I'll call my wife and have her come over. It is a shame. she has to sit alone at home.
I didn't protest and not at all when she came through the door three quarters of an hour later.
Her name was Lise and she was a tall blonde girl of 28. She was also a big girl — without being fat — with wide hips and big breasts.
I like that type. You don't have the feeling that they are going to break when you fuck them.
The dinner was excellent, but the manufacturer talked too much, especially about his own achievements and about his large amount of money.

I didn't really listen, but instead sat and looked at Lise, who was sitting right across from me at the table.
She smiled at me and three, four times I managed to hold her eyes.
If only that fool hadn't been here, I thought to myself. Then she would have been sure.

A little later there was the dance restaurant. And Lise asked if we should dance. She danced closely. Very close. Her large breasts pressed against me and she rubbed her lap against my cock. Be careful. Your husband will be angry. I whispered to her. But she just answered again by running her tongue around my ear

— Isn't it a lovely wife I have? the man asked proudly when we got back to the table. I nodded and tried to scowl my blush she didn't blush but sat down next to me with her hand on my thigh.
- I think. you had to drive home and put the kids to bed. Then I'll stay here and entertain your business associate, Lise said and smiled sweetly.
The man grumbled a little. He thought they should ride together, but she just shook her head once more.
Girlfriend. You know I do what I want, she said.

Meanwhile, her hand had found its way into my right trouser pocket. I had big pockets and she could easily reach what she was looking for.

I could feel her long nails through the fabric. They scratched up and down my penis.
Finally the man got up and we said goodbye to each other.
I felt a little embarrassed, and I was also convinced that that order had gone awry.
But right now I would like to exchange all kinds of orders for a night with Lise. Such an invitation as she had given me, a real man cannot refuse.

She kissed the man on the cheek, but it didn't help his mood much.

Come let us go up to you. I want to taste your naughty cock, she whispered, biting my earlobe.
We walked out to the elevator, wrapped tightly around each other, dreams of all the naughty things we were going to do to each other swirling through my brain.
Lise didn't waste time. Even before the elevator door had closed behind us, she had zipped my pants down and had her hand around my penis.
She wouldn't let it go again, not even when the elevator stopped and we walked down the hall. We must have met a couple on the way, but I was so wild now that I didn't think about their reaction.

Inside the room she dropped to her knees in front of me and started licking.
Her big red mouth could swallow me whole, and I didn't do anything to stop her either. She did it herself. Just before I came, she pulled back and tore open her blouse.

You must drive your penis between my breasts and spray me in the head, she said.
She lay back on the floor and pulled me down on top of her.

It was just wonderful. She clamped her big firm breasts around her penis and within seconds my sperm was squirting into her head. She lay with her mouth open and tried to catch the syringes. She partially succeeded, and the rest she scraped up with her hands. Afterwards she licked her fingers. Long and thorough.

I had a bottle of whiskey in the trunk, and I fished it out.
I honestly needed something strong.
Lise also got a hand-poured three-fingers.
It wasn't just penises she could swallow. The whiskey also disappeared at once.
Now you have to fuck me, she said and got up from the bed. Don't you have any music?
I turned on the radio. There was a Friday open at P 3.
And then Lise started to strip. She had tried that before. She danced around on the floor. Her blouse was open and her long red nails played with the stiff nipples.
She went on and on. Let the hands slide down over the hips and up the crotch in the tight corduroy pants. My large double bed had bedposts in each corner. Lise liked them. She danced to one of them and rubbed her step up and down it.

Gradually, she had thrown all her clothes onto almost a pair of white panties - transparent and with thin thong bands on the sides.
I was allowed to peel them off her, and when that was done, she stood up in front of me and started playing with herself, at the same time as she wiggled her hips.
Her labia were completely clean-shaven, but the rest of the triangle she had contented herself with poking.
Oh. I want a big fat cock, she shouted and danced back to the pole. She just managed to sit on top of it, and there she rocked back and forth.

Lick me, bite me, spank me, she moaned and threw herself onto the bed.
She pressed my head against her glistening pussy and stiff clit. I bit her hard, put a finger up her cunt and hit her breasts with the other hand. She twisted and turned, screamed and scratched my neck. Her orgasm lasted for several minutes and her cunt withdrew together, so it felt like a pump had been put to it.

Before she was completely passed out, I crawled away from the cave and thrust my stiff cock into her instead, It was enough to get her going again.

She kept coming and after the first round I could hold on indefinitely. Finally she was on all fours and I took her from behind while squeezing her large breasts with both hands.

I sprayed and sprayed and honestly, I didn't give her husband's order a second thought.