Man In Women's Clothing

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We are a married couple in our mid-thirties.

We were driving tired of each other.
The man, like many others, was unemployed, while I have a full-time job as a cleaning assistant.
But despite that, he hardly helped to keep the house.
He went into town or sat and watched TV all day.

So one morning before I left, I gave him the choice: Either he got his act together or I left!
He said that as a big boy he lived with his aunt for certain periods, and when he didn't behave properly, had to wear his aunt's clothes and help with the housework.

And then I got an idea for the next morning before I had to leave...

I asked him to undress. I locked up all his clothes and despite his protests I dressed him in my clothes. Corset, stockings, underwear, smock dress, etc
"Then it's time to grab and rub the nails before I get home," I said sternly.
The attire should probably ensure that he stayed within earshot!

When I got home the house was shining and he had cooked a delicious meal.
I said: What should the housekeeper have as a reward for his diligence? and then we went into the bedroom, where -he got his reward.

Never before had his rod been so hard and we had one release after another.
When we were relaxing afterwards, he admitted that he had always fantasized in his mind about being dressed in women's clothes.
So in the evening he put on one of my nice dresses and high-heeled shoes, and I put a beautiful make-up on him.
And when we went to bed later that evening, we had the most wonderful intercourse.
All this has brought a glorious renewal to our marriage.
My husband is otherwise in no way feminine in his demeanor.
But he loves wearing women's clothes and playing housekeeper.

Maybe this is an idea for other wives with the same problems?
Who knows each other's innermost thoughts?

"Inventive wife"