Sex on the adventure journey

Hello report.

It was an experience of a lifetime when, a few years ago, I had to drive the "Eventyr Rejsen" for one of the big travel agencies. I have occasional jobs as a driver on this large, elegant tourist bus, with all modern conveniences.
The trip was extraordinary with three days set aside and the guide was ill, so I promised to make the trip as exciting as possible for all the participants.
The number of participants was relatively small, barely half a bus full, but the trip had to be driven, and my salary was the same, regardless of how many participated. But of course it gave less in tips.
Before the trip started, I kindly greeted the participants at the hotel. Friendly people, excited about what they were going to experience. The majority were American married couples, and on the list of participants I observed a Swedish maiden name, Michella Swederstrøm.
I must honestly admit that I missed something with my eyes when the lady arrived.
Short nappa shorts (very short), green canvas shoes, your two color hair band, net gloves and on the upper body a nappa vest and NOTHING else. Her shoulder-length hair framed a perfect, adorable face, totally makeup-free. Her beautiful 'nuts' were springy and natural, swaying slightly under the vest as she greeted me smilingly with a beaming smile.
The bus rolled towards the ferry at reasonable speed, and the Swedish beauty had positioned herself so that I could enjoy her beautiful body in the rearview mirror.
On the ferry she asked if I wanted to be her man - as she was alone on the trip. Everyone else on the bus was a couple.
I was naturally prepared for all kinds of customer service - and as far as my job behind the wheel allowed it - and Bibbi likes this arrangement. She had informed me that the name Bibbi was her nickname at home, and it was easier to say than Michella.
Continue forward with the bus after a pleasant chat on the ferry. She was still positioned so that I had her under constant 'control' in the mirror.
The weather was brilliant and most had put their chairs back to relax for the last kilometers before arriving at the hotel. Bibi too. As she lay half there in the airplane seat, I had a clear view of her firm, slender thighs, and I could occasionally catch glimpses of a pair of white lace panties.
Having arrived at the hotel at 4pm, I informed them that the hotel's facilities, the dance orchestra and the city in general were for "free" use, and that everyone should be ready at the bus the next day at 10am. I arrived at the lobby last, having parked the bus at the nearest gas station.
Bibbi was waiting for me in the lobby.
I checked that everyone had been assigned a room - including myself. As I was the tour's guide - I had been given a good room - on the third floor with a bath and what else belongs to it. Of course, I had Bibbi installed on the same floor. We agreed to order something cold to drink - she ordered it served in my room.
For good reasons and because of my job, I only enjoyed the Ramløsa served, whereas Bibbi got a few cold drinks of a completely different difficulty. She was very talkative and said that she had just fired a handsome Swede because she had exposed him as gay. It wasn't exactly what she had in mind with a man.
Since I was free, I suggested that she take a bath now, and afterwards we could go for a walk in the city. But Bibbi was of the opinion that my bathtub was better than hers, and by the way she wants me to wash her back.
A few minutes later she had put her suitcase with me and soon she had slipped out of the small garments that covered her lovely body.
We bathed together and enjoyed the tension in the most natural way between man and woman. Not a single word did we mediate, but the eyes spoke their language. I admired her as she carefully pulled back the foreskin of my semi-flabby cock and deftly massaged it with mild soap - not a fold escaped her cleansing process.
I was equally careful with her body, not a crack or crack escaped my fingers. It was hot at the highest level.
The drying was absolutely wonderful. When we were both fragrantly clean, dry, and in radiant hopla, I kissed her for the first time. And what a kiss. She had tried that before:
Just thirty seconds later, my cock stood with its 18 centimeters ready for battle in the air, and she slipped out of my arms to my bed, where she smilingly invited me welcome. There weren't many frills as I slid over her and her slender fingers grabbed the cock and set it to where it started - a drifting wet, hot crater of love.
Her horny words - fuck me, brought the cloths to life, and I let the 18 centimeters slide all the way inside her. I pounded her through effectively, she screamed in agony as the orgasm rolled through her body and I wasn't many seconds behind her as I pumped her full of my cum. I just pumped and pumped.
We used the evening for an hour's stroll in the city and well warmed up by several drinks, we ended up back at home in my room.
Bibbi was very excited, and as soon as we got inside, I locked the door and stood behind her fragrant goddess body. My searching hands grasped her firm breasts and she wiggled her buttocks weakly around my cock. Her little pink, thigh-skimming skirt covered a pair of tiny thong panties. The silk blouse over an undercut bra in the same color completed her outfit along with the white fishnet stockings.
Bibbi told me with a smile that pantyhose were the devil's invention, and I totally agreed
She now knelt on the edge of the bed, when I had removed the thoughts with a light movement of my hand and had found a wet pussy between her thighs.
I grabbed her in a complete covering and after a smoke and a bit of caressing, she otherwise started with my iron to get it in the hopla. One of her hands with the sharp nails tore quite a bit at the balls, the other slid up and down the shaft, while her mouth and tongue licked, sucked and slipped over the head of the cock.
After she had made my cock stand up and had its head buried in the mass in a super sweet, Bibbi had to have her ass in the air a little. This time I fucked her hard and solid, while she gasped and bit me on one shoulder...
After returning home, I took eight days off to follow Bibbi home. Partly we had to pick up some of her things, partly I had to greet her family. Yes, I had indeed booked a ticket with the 19-year-old beauty from Sweden.
I had heard many times before that it was a difficult task to get into the panties of a Swedish girl. But I myself now have the experience that once you have the breeding stick up, it is difficult to shake them off again.
Today, Bibbi has become Mrs. Jensen, and we often play that we are on a three-day bus trip with cheese...


Cozy love