On course - in lasciviousness

Dear report.

It happened at a course center in North Zealand.
We met in the afternoon and had a friendly time. In the evening there was dancing and the camaraderie developed into more than camaraderie.
During the evening I got to dance with a girl who was a bit older than me. She was probably around 50, but we chatted very well together, and I could feel a direct, spontaneous contact.
She was shapely and smelled so nice, and during the dance she got hotter and hotter. She drove her bottom up close to me when no one was looking, and of course we ended up agreeing to meet in her room. For the sake of discretion, she went first and I followed a little later.
When I entered her room, she was already in bed. She was completely naked and was waiting for me. She had a very beautiful body, as though she was middle-aged. She looked quite young and she told me that she had had breast surgery.
I kissed and caressed her whole body. She was like a true volcano. Her lovely pussy was dripping with juices and she said she wanted dick, dick, dick.
I stuck my stiff cock in her..... and my God, how can that woman fuck. She was so wild you'd think she hadn't had anything in ages. I have never experienced any woman who only had so many orgasms - she came in whole series.
I fucked her both from the front and from behind, and we ended up having to move the mattress down to the floor, she was so crazy. I didn't come over to my own room until the morning. For the rest of that week we slept together. That is to say - for the most part we didn't sleep - we just fucked. I have never fucked so much in a week.
Friday was the last night. We had to finish, and when she came to the dinner, she was very nicely and sexy dressed. She asked if I minded and of course I didn't. She was sad that we had to part, but I said I wouldn't forget her. All that night we fucked like crazy. In the morning we went for a walk in the park before the bus had to leave. I regret that I didn't count how many orgasms she had per night, because I think she set a record.

I'm looking forward to going on a course again!

The student

Cozy love