The camping holiday was the start of a very special friendship

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Hello report!

We are two girls who have felt like writing about our best sex experience.
Last year we went to post-secondary school, and when the school year was over, some of us agreed to have a summer holiday together.
The place was determined. The campsite in Køge. We met, found a good spot, pitched the tents, and by the time we finally got everything set up, it was getting late. We lit a fire and pulled up some very well-deserved lagers.
And as it dwindled in the beer cases, the mood rose.
Helle - my friend - had long had a very good eye for Søren, one of the guys.
She started to lay on him and it wasn't long before they pulled away from the fire and the rest of us.
I sneaked a peek at them, and quickly discovered what they were doing. I was completely blown away.
I crawled over to Thomas – a guy I'd been fond of for a long time – and started petting him. I whispered to him whether we should disappear a little from the others - and he immediately agreed.
We crawled into one of the tents, where I immediately began to take him between the legs. He was stiff, hard and lovely.
I ripped off his pants and took him in my mouth. It was nice.
I sucked and massaged so he turned the white out of As he was about to ejaculate he pushed me away. Then he peeled off all my clothes and spread my legs.
He bent down over my waiting cunt and started licking me. I was about to go out of lust, and when I just couldn't take it anymore, I screamed for him to take me.
I just gasped - that's how good it was when he poked his eyes.
his stiff guy up inside me and started to ride back and forth. In the middle of it all, Søren and Helle appeared.
My scream must have summoned them.
When they saw what we were doing, they immediately got horny again. They threw off their clothes and crawled down beside us.
It was a completely new sensation to lie down and watch another couple making love. I had never tried that before.

It got wilder and wilder - and of course it ended with all four of us lying caressing each other. We sucked, licked, kissed and fucked for the big gold medal.
When we had all had orgasms and ejaculations, we went to sleep. It was the start of a very special friendship between the four of us.
I now get along with Thomas, while Helle and Søren are still only "good friends, but it hasn't ruined anything in our relationship - quite the opposite."

We meet often and make a beautiful square together - to everyone's great joy and pleasure. One thing is certain. I will never forget that summer vacation.

I really learned something new there, which I have enjoyed immensely since then - together with Thomas, Søren and Helle...

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