I am a young man of 18 years, who would first like to praise your "gray sides"

What I want to tell you about happened last summer, when my brother and I went on a trip to Mallorca.
We left on a Friday night at 10pm
Once we were airborne, I had to go to the bathroom.
As I sat there, the door opened and the lady I was sitting next to entered.
I had forgotten to lock the door.
She was probably around 50 years old, and was with her husband.
Well, but she came in and exclaimed:
Whoa, I didn't think you were here—then she turned and locked the door
She looked at me again and continued:
My husband is asleep, I don't care — but when I discovered you went out here, I suddenly wanted to have my highest wish fulfilled.
What do you say to do that?

I nodded excitedly at what her highest wish might be.
— Do you want to lick me, for a long time, she moaned and closed her eyes in the joy of anticipation.
Without answering I pulled down her panties and ran a finger between her legs.
She let out a small gasp. Then I started licking her.
I sat with my head and tongue buried in her lap and licked my lips loose.
I had forgotten the time.
She had too and suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Someone said "we will land in 10 minutes".
We got busy sorting out the clothes and getting back down to our seats.
Her husband was still asleep, and before she woke him, she put a hand down between my legs, gave me a small squeeze and whispered:

— You've probably tried that before!
On the bus from the airport into the city, it turned out that they had to stay at the same hotel as us.
When we entered the hotel, she whispered to me that I should come down to the swimming pool the next morning at seven o'clock, then I should get my "payment".
The next morning — at a little after seven — I slipped out of our room and down to the pool.
She was already in
She spotted me — and waved — after which she swam over and climbed up the small stairs.
To my surprise, I discovered that she was bathing naked.
Come on, she said, let's not go inside it. We did — and a little later we were both in the water.

In one fell swoop she was gone.
But then she appeared behind me, grabbed me and asked in a whisper if I wanted to make love to her in the water.
I nodded — and in a flash her hand was down in my panties, and seconds later they floated lazily in the water.
I swam into shallow water.

She came after me.
She swam to me, grabbed me again and kissed me as her hands began to explore.
I answered her hot kiss.
My hands slipped between her legs, spreading them and then my fingers found her springs.
I started rubbing.
It was something she could enjoy. She raised herself up so that she was sitting on my waist.
All of a sudden she lowered herself over my stiff member - and I slid into her. It was something that did good;
She started jumping up and down — and all at once she screamed out her orgasm.
She screamed so loudly that some of the guests came out onto their balconies to see what was wrong.
After that beautiful morning, she taught me many new ways to love.
I have visited my older friend once here in town.

Now I go and look forward to the next time, because she has promised me to invite an equally needy friend to visit.

The soon-to-be-learned