The girls punished me with naughty sex games

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Hello report.

I am a young guy of 17 years who would like to tell about my best sex experience. I have always been very shy and as a result I have had a hard time finding ladies. But enough about that.
My experience unfolded on a summer vacation that I was on with my parents. We had rented a summer house in Gilleleje, but I didn't have high expectations for the trip. Fortunately, the weather was on our side.
Since we had half a week's holiday, however, my parents had to go into town and did not want to come home for the first five hours. I decided to go to the beach, if only to look at lovely ladies.
I lay down behind some bushes, which shielded me so that people could not see me. But I could see them.
I hadn't been lying down very long before I heard some strange noises from inside the shrubbery: I silently crawled further in and found, to my great surprise, two lovely ladies in full vigor. It was a blonde and a brunette, and the blonde was lying between the brunette's legs and licking her beautiful pussy.
I went crazy when I saw their beautiful, shapely bodies. They both had firm, round breasts and the most beautiful legs I had ever seen. But the best thing about them was their pussies. They both had the prettiest top pussies imaginable.
What the blonde couldn't do with her tongue isn't worth knowing. She started at the very top of the spring and worked her way down to the small pink hole on the other side of the body. The brunette lay writhing in lust while caressing her own breasts. How I would like to caress those breasts for her...

I had the most beautiful view from where I sat. I could look right up between the blonde's legs and could clearly see that she was wet with excitement.
It was too much for me to see this insolent sight. Quickly I raised my cock and began to masturbate. But I must have moaned too loudly, because suddenly I was pulled out of the bush. I stared up into two pairs of girl's eyes, and was red in the head with shame at being discovered.
Are you sitting here spying? asked the blonde. I couldn't get a word out - just sat and glared.

- We'd better punish him, said the brunette. I think I know a way.
She suddenly bent forward and grabbed - then she had taken my member in her mouth. The blonde now gently pushed me down and I was in seventh heaven - stretched out with someone sucking my cock and a pussy right over my face.
I licked like crazy and I could tell it wouldn't be long before the blonde would orgasm. It also happened, she shook like an aspen leaf, the juices drifted from her, and still I licked like a madman.\"
While the blonde rested, I went to war with the brunette, who had not yet had an orgasm. We laid down in an ordinary "household position", her at the bottom and me at the top. When I penetrated her, I discovered that she had the most beautiful, tight pussy, and we fucked like crazy.
We hadn't fucked long before Mette shook with orgasm, and again I lay between her legs and licked until the last swells had subsided.
I hadn't even had bingo yet. But the blonde now offered herself again, and I was allowed to penetrate her from behind. After just ten minutes we both came.
Afterwards I went home to the cottage. But before I said goodbye, the girls had invited me to visit them in the evening. And this evening was at least as wonderful as our afternoon. Since this summer holiday, we have kept in touch and see each other approx. once a week.

"The Twin"

Cozy love