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Hello report.

Now you just have to hear what can happen when you go to a disco alone. I am a young man of 20 years and I have been unemployed for a few months. I live permanently with a girl, but a few weeks after I was fired, she was going on vacation for 14 days with a friend. Since I live in a small provincial town in Funen, you can't allow yourself too much before the gossip spreads. So for the first few days I stayed quietly at home to watch TV and was thoroughly bored. I sat and watched a film the other day, I was a "grass widower", and when it was over, I decided to go for a walk in the city anyway.
I found myself at the local disco, where I knew there was a ladies' night. I don't get there very often, but thought there might be a chance to experience something. So I showered, changed my clothes and left. It was around midnight when I walked in the door and there weren't many people yet.
Fortunately, there was no one I knew. I sat down at the bar and ordered a shus, and while the waiter was making it, I looked around. On the chair next to it sat a beautiful lady. She sat and looked at me, stared into my eyes and smiled at me. She had a very pretty face with large dark eyes, a cute little nose, white teeth and nice high cheekbones. She must have been in her mid-thirties, and as I said she looked quite good, I smiled at her again.
She pulled out a pack of cigarettes, offered me one and then asked what such a handsome guy was doing alone at the disco on a Wednesday night. I told them that my girlfriend was on vacation and that I had been fired, so I had plenty of time. I could hear that she was not from Funen and then asked what she was doing. She told,
that her husband was an export manager in a large company in Copenhagen, that he was on a business trip for three weeks, and that she had taken a trip to Funen to visit her daughter, who was at boarding school.
We sat and talked for a while and had a few shenanigans, and then she asked if we should dance. It was a quiet tune, but I told her I didn't dare, because if anyone I knew saw me, they'd be curious if they knew my girl was on vacation.
It was all right, but then she asked if I wanted to go with her to her hotel and have a good night drink. I wanted to, and discreetly we figured out and got a taxi. We were barely inside the taxi before I felt a hand on my thigh. Slowly the hand slid further up my pant bulge, where it stayed until we reached the hotel.
We barely got inside before she started to undress me. Slowly but surely and I enjoyed being passive for once so I did nothing. When she had completely undressed me, she told me to go inside and lie down on the bed. I removed the bedspread, did as told and made myself comfortable with my hands folded behind my neck. I looked at her as she took off her clothes herself. She had a pair of lovely full breasts and a wonderfully firm little bottom. She was golden brown all over and finally stood wearing only black nylon stockings, panties, garter belt and bra.
She came over to the bed where I was lying with a proper standing boy on, told me to just stay like that and then sat down next to me. She started tickling my chest and stomach at the same time as she gave me a kiss, which I fiercely responded to. I let my tongue play in her mouth.
Then she kissed my one ear, licked my neck and continued down to my one nipple, after which she headed straight down towards my cock and nose. She took a gentle hold on the noses at the same time as she pulled the foreskin back completely and let her tongue run around the head a few times. Then she released the cock again and continued licking down my thighs and legs. Then she started driving the other way again up towards my cock. who was now bristling with full erection. One at a time she took my balls in her mouth and licked them, ran her tongue up the shaft of the dick, where the head got another lick.
Suddenly she got up and went to a cupboard where she took out a massager. She asked me to spread my legs, crouched between them and then gently took my balls as she ran the device up and down my cock. She tickled my nipples, licked me, masturbated on me and let the device caress my inner thighs. And suddenly I had one of the strongest ejaculations I have had to date.
She dived and tried to swallow it all and when I finished squirting she turned around so she was standing with one knee on either side of me and I had her lap right over my face. I could see a large wet spot on her panty and I tickled her outside the stockings, up her thighs to her garter belt which I opened so I could pull her stockings and panty off. Then I started licking my way up her thigh and I caressed her gorgeous buttocks with my hands. When I reached her cunt, I first ran my tongue up and down between her labia, then stuck it all the way up into her while I took the massager and stuck it up her rear hole.
She released my cock with her mouth and let out a long sigh, then licked my thighs and balls. I ran my tongue around her pussy while working the massager. Then I lifted it out and concentrated on the pussy. I sucked her swollen clitoris into my mouth, caressed it with the tip of my tongue, and she moaned louder and louder. Couldn't concentrate on licking me anymore.
When I could feel she was about to come, I pulled out from under her, turned her over on her back and took off her bra. Then I lifted one of her legs up over my shoulders and thrust my cock into her waiting cunt.
It was stiff again, and I let it caress her labia and clitoris in small quick strokes while nibbling at her nipples with one hand. The other I let caress her mount of Venus. Then I started the deep work, thrusting the dick with long hard strokes into the wet but tight pussy, and when I also started massaging her clitoris seriously with my finger, she tore my hair and started licking my ear again. She was coming. Then I pulled out and asked her to get down on her knees so I could take her from behind. When she had turned around, I slowly brought the cock in, and when it had reached the bottom, I began to thrust. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster.
At the same time, I masturbated on her with one finger and after a few seconds of pouting, I could feel how the muscles in her abdomen began to contract. She tensed so that she was shaking all over and she collapsed on her face in orgasmic spasms as I emptied myself of hot cum for the second time. This time up her gorgeous pussy. It didn't end with this one bang.
Her husband was 11 years older than her and impotent. So it ended up that I stayed at the hotel for four days, after which I took her to Zealand. Two days before my girl came home, I was home again. She hadn't been with a man for five months, so it was me who was allowed to take the pressure off her.
And I must promise that there was pressure when I first got the but to unfold on the sheets. You would hardly believe it, but I have the feeling that there are many neglected women walking around in Denmark, and after this experience I would like to help do what I can to make life easier for these lovely ladies.

The first time was a success.
The lion.

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