Mette and Lone made our dreams come true

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We are two 16-year-old boys who occasionally read the delicious "grey pages" of the report.
Now we would like to make a contribution. It happened in the summer of 1978.
We, that is, my friend Henrik and I were on a bike trip in Southern Jutland. One Friday evening we reached Kolding.
After an hour of searching in vain for a campsite, we went into a cafeteria that was open for a long time.
We sat down at a table for four and ordered from the waitress.
Suddenly a pretty voice asked if the other two seats were taken. We looked up - and there were the two laziest girls we had seen to date. The seats were of course available.
We got talking to the girls and it turned out that they had a large lawn, on which we had to pitch our tent.
Half an hour later the tent was pitched and just ready to sleep in. The girls - Mette and Lone - had helped us, and when we were ready to go to bed, they went into the house. . - We crawled into the tent and got ready for the night.
But a little later we were disturbed by Mette, who invited us in for a cup of evening coffee. Of course we accepted that offer.
When we entered the house, we were surprised that Lone was still there, but Mette explained that her parents weren't home all weekend, so Lone slept with her. There was no coffee, but Mette found some liquor, which she placed on the table for free use.

The atmosphere quickly became rather intimate.
Suddenly I discovered that Henrik was sitting and making out with Lone, who was looking at him with a very lewd look in her eyes!
I was not slow to follow their example, and a little later my searching fingers crept under Mette's blouse and panties.
Henrik and Lone were already throwing away the clothes and suddenly they were busy with a 69er on the sofa!
It really sped me up..
After a few seconds, Mette and I were also working on the pimping. Finally, I couldn't hold on any longer.
I drilled my thumbs into Mette's vagina, spread her labia and penetrated her.

Then I drove off.
It was wonderful and I soon had a huge blast. Henrik and Lone had finished, so we ended up in a square.
Mette and Lone were very horny and very willing, so they were soon visited by each 'guy' again. It was almost morning before Henrik and I had driven tired and needed to sleep..

We said goodnight to the girls and went out into the tent.
The next day, all four of us went to an open-air bath, where we were completely alone and could kiss undisturbed in the water - but it didn't go very well.
In the evening we repeated the success of last night with better luck.
On Sunday we unfortunately had to move on, so we said a hearty goodbye to the girls and headed south!


Cozy love