The girl in the house

Hello Gray Pages!

I would like to tell the happy readers about my first sexual experience, which took place when I got a job as a newspaper boy at the age of seventeen.
The job was quite strenuous, as it was a country route with a long distance between each house.
One day, when I had to deliver the newspaper to the nicest house on the route, the mailbox was gone.
But there is advice for everything, and I thought to myself that I had better deliver them in person.
I walked up the long path that led up to the main staircase of the house and rang the bell.
Footsteps were heard moving down the stairs in there and the door opened.
Sky! The gods must have blessed this girl child when she was created! How beautiful she was!
In front of me in the door stood a girl no more than eighteen years old. She was, to say the least and easiest to understand, a delicious shard.
Slim, brown and long legs. Nice, narrow waist. A set of luscious, swelling breasts And a pretty, heart-shaped face with the blackest, almond-shaped eyes that shone with warmth and kindness.
What more could I wish for!
At the same time, something howled. She quickly apologized and asked if I wanted to come inside.

Good thing I barely knew the lady, but not ten wild horses could hold me back from such an offer.

So I stepped inside!

Once again I was deeply surprised. Mage for house I had only rarely seen. It was clear to see that the residents here did not lack the salt on an egg. The squeal disappeared. I stood alone in the large hall and looked around.
What will you? She asked. In one hand she had a cup of tea for herself. She extended her other hand towards me with another cup of tea.
She walked towards a glass door. Inside behind the glass was a royally furnished living room with three meter long curtains and the heaviest chandeliers.

She beckoned me along and suddenly it dawned on me how stupid I basically felt, standing there with the tea in one hand and the newspaper in the other.

— Actually, I just wanted to deliver the newspaper. There is no mailbox down there by the road, She looked at me with her almond-shaped, black eyes. Even I had a hard time taking my eyes off the lovely body with the slender waist.
And the Gentleman in my trousers grew enormously under the influence of this wide strange sight
Her gaze slid down her body, and a strange, cheeky glint crossed her eyes. Then she smiled..
"Just a moment, then I'll show you where we put the newspapers in this house," she said and left the living room as quickly as she had taken me in there and sat down there.

The long, slender legs moved up the stairs. I followed them with my eyes as I walked right behind her. The little Parisian ass rocked lightly.

When we got upstairs, we entered another high-ceilinged living room. The floor was covered with real carpets, the walls with bookshelves, and over by a window stood a leather chair with a footstool and a newspaper stand, from which several newspapers peeked up, beside it.

She pointed to it and told me to put it in the newspaper holder. I went over and fumbled with the newspaper to get it to fit properly in the holder. And when I got up and turned around, she was standing in the middle of the floor with nothing but panties on!

She looked at me lustfully and smiled as she asked me to touch her. I slid a hand back and forth on the outside of the panties. She moaned weakly. Let his hands play in my hair. And asked me to pull off her panties.

I nodded speechless. As if to say: Yes! I'll do that!
With a firm grip I grabbed her buttocks and went to my knees. My tongue should be allowed to circle her navel. Slowly I moved down towards her lap. The thighs were spread as much as possible while my eager fingers spread the glistening and swelling labia.

What a view!
In the middle of the densely overgrown lap, the labia shone almost lacquer red in color. Wet from heat. Greasy from juices. How lovely she was, this girl!
Came! Let's go into the bedroom!

She looked gorgeous! Also from behind! I followed these two rocking buttocks all the way out into the hallway and down to the bedroom.
In an extremely challenging and rather titillating position, she laid down on the bed.
I sat astride the nice, flat stomach and with both hands pressed the breasts up around the cock. It went back and forth between them almost automatically without me thinking about it. The tip of her tongue played cheekily across the tip of my rod when it was close enough to do so.
A beautiful sight!

But she was going to get more than just cock between the nipples! I wanted to see her with the boy in her mouth. I wanted to see the lips slide down my stiff member. Slowly I moved up further and brought my cock up into her mouth. She smiled sweetly at me and let her tongue play down the backside of brother.

Hardly I grabbed her neck and pushed the cock deep into her throat. She sucked freely, so that drool drifted at the corners of her mouth.
She sucked, kissed and licked him, son she hadn't had a cock in years! And it dawned on me that such a bitch could get me on edge when it needed to be.
Suddenly she stopped her licking and instead lay on her back while masturbating.
Very challenging! However, she shouldn't be allowed to do this for too long, so I took over and tried to rub the pussy free of juices.
But it was simply not an easy task that I had set myself on! She was horny and close to breaking point...

A moan spread through the room.

With her long slender fingers she massaged her breasts. My long lance drilled up between the labia, still dripping with juices. She writhed as it thudded into her.
Take me hard! Take me now! Faster! Faster! Yes! Such! More! Fuck me! OHH!!

Then she came.

Since that day, my newspaper route obligatorily went through the nice house, many backyards and bedrooms...

So don't say that being a newsboy is boring!!!

The newspaper delivery.