My husband does everything he can to get me along.

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I am married to a lovely man. He is a lovely lover.
I find it very difficult to orgasm, so my husband has to come up with many fun and exciting ways to satisfy me.

It's always best when he plays me up all evening, caressing my neck and running his hands up and down my inner thighs.

It turns me on terribly.

I reciprocate by caressing his back and inner thighs. These are the places where he is most sensitive.

Then he slowly begins to undress me while caressing my breasts.

He kisses them and continues down my stomach to my navel.

Then he starts caressing me inside the panty hem.

With one finger he pulls my panties off and kisses me just above my hairline.

He finds my wet slit, my little stiff spring, and as he begins to play with it, he sticks a finger inside me.

Then I start to moan loudly and heavily.
I can't help it at all, it's so lovely.

Then he sticks his whole head down between my legs and starts licking the tickle.
It makes wonderfully nice.
Then it's always right before I orgasm.

But I always drag it out as far as possible.
And then finally — yes, then I go into a long spasm. .

My husband keeps licking me, and it doesn't take long before I pull his hair as a sign that I now want him really inside me.

Sometimes he doesn't want to - he enjoys seeing me lie down and squirm with pure lasciviousness.

But in the end he can't help it - anyway!

Oh, how nice it is to feel his stiff member up inside me.
He hammers on — hard. . . It's great.

I can feel him all the way down.
But now it won't be long before we come — again — in a magnificent release!

Afterwards we lay down next to each other in a nice relaxed way and cuddle each other until we fall asleep!

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