My friend and I have signed a slave contract

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Hello report!

I am an 18-year-old girl who is engaged to a 27-year-old man. He is the ruler in our relationship.

At the beginning of our sex life, neither of us dared to suggest anything like sadism or masochism. It all started with one evening when we chatted a lot, and suddenly he took his bathrobe cord and tied my hands behind my back.
He started to tickle me, and was just about to "climb on" me when the doorbell rang - and then it was all ruined.

I thought about it a lot and wished it would happen again.
The first time I was tied to a cold tile table, and I have to promise because I got my case.
I was shaved — and then taken very -hard.
Later, a string or two was often mixed into it when we had to make love.
The last time I was tied up, it was about two in the morning and he had to go out and walk the dog.
Before he left, I was ordered to fetch ropes and scarves.
Now I knew what was going to happen and it really excited me to pick things up.
I laid down on the bed and he tied my arms and legs to each corner of the bed.
Then I got a scarf stuck in my mouth.
I couldn't actually make a sound.
He tried to get me to answer some things by nipping me here and there.
Then he took our massager, turned it on and placed it between my labia so that the tip touched exactly where it was supposed to. .

He then made a chastity belt out of two scarves.
He put it on me and tied it so the massager couldn't be moved.
Now I was on it. Then he left.
I was alone—excited!
It didn't take many minutes before my ejaculation came, and I have to promise because it was good.
When it was over, I couldn't stand the fact that the massager kept going right on my "sore spot".

I did everything I could to get free — but no
It felt like forever before he came back was getting very horny again.

When he finally came, he threw off the clothes, laid over me, removed the scarves and massage device. and entered me he seemed so big it almost hurt.

And then I got a good deal - and a delicious ejaculation
Now I could hardly take it anymore, but it took a while before he came—after which I was released.
We have signed a slave contract — and who is the slave is probably not that difficult to work out!
Every time there is a reason for it, I get some raps at the end, so it stings for a long time afterwards.
I often get scrubbed with a nail brush at the back until the skin is gone, and then I can otherwise have fun with it for a few days.

I've tried a little bit of everything.
Among other things, I have been forced to walk with a vintage candle up in each hole.
I have been hit on the end with a wire brush, nipped and bitten, had clothespins in my nipples, labia, buttocks and inner thighs.

And the harder he gets, the more excited I get.
Every time I get an order, I shudder with anticipation. This letter is an order I have received.

When he gets home from work, he has to approve it

The answer—or the punishment—I am very excited about.

the lion