The maid

Dear friends!

I am a 30-year-old craftsman who took a holiday in Gambia this early summer. I had just gotten divorced so I needed to relax.

Well, I got to the hotel early in the morning and being tired from the long flight, I went to bed to rest.

Soon after, there was a knock on the door. Now I have a habit of sleeping without pants, so I didn't get up, but shouted in English that the door was open.

The door opened and one of the hotel's black maids entered.

'She asked if she could clean the bathroom as she hadn't got around to it before I moved in. Of course I gave her permission.

From the bed I looked out into the bathroom where she was washing the floor. And when she bent down to pick up the floor cloth, I saw to my great surprise that the black girl was not wearing panties!

When she finished washing the bathroom floor, she came out to leave, but she couldn't help but notice the big dent under the carpet.

She smiled cheekily and came closer.

Quickly she removed the blanket and began caressing my rock hard cock.

Wild with excitement, I tore off her dress. She had an incredibly beautiful and well-developed figure. Like a dream model in an exotic movie. The breasts boasted health and voluptuousness.

I forgot both time and place. And she threw herself on her back and spread her legs and the heavenly black pussy shone straight at me.

I pounced brutally on her to drill my horny carpenter's rod into her, but I was disappointed when she pulled back.

Would she cheat on me?

No. Not at all! Tenaciously she took the cock in her mouth and sucked and sucked so fiercely that I was about to burst into atoms with lust.
But just before I came, she spread her legs - and I understood the meaning immediately:

I knelt at the end of the bed and licked the best I had learned. She had a wonderful, spicy taste.

When my tongue strokes reached an almost unbearable rhythm, she moaned violently, until her body suddenly shook with a violent tremor and I understood that she had ejaculated.

I lifted her out of bed, carried her to the desk, and here I laid her on her back.

I grabbed her shapely legs. Spread them and ran my hungry cock up her black, drenched hole with the purple labia that were as big as her real nigger lips.
Like suction cups.

We worked our way up to an incredible rhythm. And soon she started whimpering and I could tell by her that she was about to come.

Hard I pounded the last thrusts into her - and then I pulled out and squirted my hot cum all over her glistening black body.

At the same time we both sobbed loudly with pleasure.

Before she disappeared, I kissed her tenderly and stuck $10 in her hand.

I didn't see her again during the holidays.

The hungry