Horny partner swapping

Dear report.
Sex is great. We are two happy married couples who can talk about that. My husband and I have always had a very free relationship with sex, and when we got to know another married couple, Sus and Peter, on holiday a few years ago, we were immediately aware that it could develop into a friendship a little out of the ordinary. And now, almost ever since we got to know each other, we have been keen cultivators of partner swapping and group sex.

It was at a hotel in Mallorca that we were together for the first time, and since we live in the same city, we have kept in touch ever since. The first time we traded partners, it was under the influence of a fair amount of cheap booze, but it has turned out that it was just something for all four of us. In fact, it stimulates all of us in our daily intercourse in bed. We meet approx. a few times a month for these little orgies, where we start with a good dinner and a bottle of vintage wine. Nothing with unrestrained drinking, because then we can't enjoy the lovely sex games to the full extent. There is one time in particular that I want to talk about now.

The kids were put to bed, and we were warming up for the evening's hardships in the living room. We decided to take a shot at cards and we sat and enjoyed ourselves with one more swish. It has to come, after all: the proposal to play strip poker. And we were immediately on board with it all together. Soon the room trembled with eroticism, and clothes flowed everywhere.

Sus has a pair of very large and nice breasts, and I don't look too bad without clothes either. It was Sus and me who sat naked first. And suddenly she started fiddling with herself, I looked at her. She parted her red, moist pussy and stuck a few fingers up. I quickly followed suit. The men were only wearing underpants, and we could see that they quickly gained half an iron by virtue of our little masturbation show.

We decided to ride it all the way out and in tact we masturbated quietly until it went on us. Our men stared at us speechless. They had probably never seen us so horny before. They came up and pounced on us. Their dicks were now sweeping straight into the air. They had thrown away the underpants, for the card game had evidently been interrupted for some time.
Soon we were all lying together messing around on the floor. Len nart, my husband, and Peter be joined for us to make a sex circle. Lennart stuck his cock up my cunt, while Peter took me in the rear hole. And Sus straddled me so I could lick her copper-red pussy.
My circling tongue quickly made her moan and I felt her juices on my tongue as Lennart squirted cum into me. Peter pulled out of my rear hole and sent his load up into Sus head.
When Lennart had emptied himself in me he licked me to orgasm. It was nice. And then it turned out that Peter and Sus had brought a nice little film with them, which we were supposed to watch on video one. It was a sex film with the two in the lead roles.
At first, Peter Sus balled in the missionary position, and it wasn't particularly exciting. But then we saw how he had tied her to the four bedposts of the bed so that she could not move. Peter licked her pussy so it was a pleasure and we could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying every second.
By then we were all well cleared again and we did another round. Lennart pushed Sus down on all fours so he could take her from behind while Peter stuffed his cock into her sucking mouth. I masturbated myself so it was a pleasure while standing up so Peter could stick his tongue inside me.
Soon the whole room was filled with snoring, moaning and grunting, but luckily the children didn't wake up. Yes, changing partners is simply one of the best things you can do. And as I said, it is also something that stimulates Lennart and me when we are alone. We can come up with the lascivious things when we're alone. And then we always try them together with Peter and Sus. In return, we also get ideas from them.
The one about being tied to the bed, Lennart and I had not tried before. But we did, and we topped it off with a shave. First it was my turn, and in no time my pussy was shining like a smooth baby bottom. My husband also needed a shave, although he wasn't too keen on it, but there was no mercy and now the grass seen around his flagpole is gone. The next time we have to be with Peter and Sus, it might be that we have to play barbershop with them. I'd like to lick Sus' clean-shaven pussy. And I wonder if they will agree to the idea. The sensitivity around the genitals is enhanced enormously when you are clean-shaven, we have found out, and when you just make sure to keep the little hairs away, it doesn't itch at all.
The best thing my husband knows is my smooth cunt, and it quivers and shudders inside me as his sensitive tongue glides over the shiny labia. And then there is an unobstructed view of all the glories. Dear Danish married couple. Try partner swapping. It's just a matter of being a bit tolerant. There are more people than you think who are in that galley. After all, the gray pages show that we Danes are more open-minded than we go and give expression to being on a daily basis.
There's just something about it that you might have to try it first. Because there are probably not many people who would immediately admit that they would like to change partners. And many may also be nervous about how the marriage will go afterwards. Should it break or wear. But one thing is for sure. And it is that if you love each other, changing partners is just a delicious renewal of your sexual life.

Greetings Pia

Cozy love