Kiosk Girl

Dear report!

Last summer, my lovely wife, my gorgeous children and I had an absolutely wonderful holiday on Gotland.
Bikes, tent and the whole package, it was really great. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful, and the beach was teeming with lovely young girls.

These wonderful tanned teenage girls really got me horny.
Of course I had my lovely wife with me, but from there and then to a really fresh piece of young meat, which is very long'

We wandered around and looked at a lot of museums and other interesting things, but the kids got tired of that pretty quickly, so we cycled on to a nice, small, cozy camp site that was completely surrounded by forest and beach.

There was a small cozy kiosk attached to the camp site, a nice little wooden cabin that was looked after by one young beauty after another. But mostly, a perky, giggling fair-haired girl of fifteen.

She played up to all the male customers who came to the kiosk. Moved lithely, egging around the shop, all the while making sure her body was exposed in the most naughty and challenging way.

Shortly before we were to move on to a new place, I was up to buy a few things and she totally confused me.

She stood staring at me while rubbing her hands against her hips in a very provocative way.
With sweaty hands, I held out the money, paid and hurried out of the store.

I had become horny, and I thought about how rude she had acted towards me. I immediately had to go to the campsite toilet and relieve the worst pressure while thinking about the young beauty.

The next morning we had to move on. I now wanted more to stay, and maybe get to know the little cutie, but the wife and kids absolutely wanted to go.

We got packed and we pulled our bikes past the kiosk, where I just caught a glimpse of the lovely, young fair-haired beauty in a lovely thigh-short summer dress.
I immediately got lots of good ideas, but it would probably be impossible to put them into practice.
After all, I also had to think that she could be my daughter. That didn't stop me from getting on the bike with a mighty boy on it.

When we had cycled for a quarter of an hour, it became completely unbearable for me to sit with it stiffly on, but I had no idea what I was doing.

Then I got a mighty good idea. I reminded my wife that I had left my keys in the campsite washroom and I had to cycle back to get them.

I raced back mildly forward, with a penis that was about to explode.
Out of breath and very sweaty, I entered the kiosk, stared at the baby girl, and tried to make eye contact

She smiled cheekily at me, flirtatious and sexy. Really flabby and challenging, without rushing with the other customers in the store. She really ticked me off.

I stood groping at some different items and sincerely hoped that there would be no other customers in the store so that we could finally be alone.
My wishes came true and she came to me with a very mischievous smile on her lips.

- Come on, she said. It's pretty quiet in the shop at this time of day and I have a nice quiet place where we can have a little fun...

She led me out the back, quietly and gently slipped my big dick out of my pants, and then she zeroed it so that it jiggled all over my body.

Then she unzipped my pants all the way, and pulled my balls out. They were petted and licked so I didn't feel anything else. Her naughty young girl's tongue played over both balls and penis.
Then I came. My cum spilled out into her lovely little naughty hands and I wriggled around the back shop. Now I wanted to tinker with her. She wouldn't have that.

For her, it was only funny and exciting to seduce half-assed men like that, and then laugh afterwards. Fortunately for her, a customer came into the shop, and she just finished drying her hands, before with a cheeky smile rushed out to serve the next customer.

Fortunately, the kids and the wife also had a great time on that holiday, so it will probably come again.

The cyclist from Vordingborg