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Hello report!

Here's a little about a lovely experience from the French Riviera. I was on holiday with my friend Sussi.
It was the height of summer and already from early morning so hot that it was impossible to sleep for long. One morning it was particularly hot, so we rolled out of bed and rushed down to the beach for a cool morning dip.

When we got down there we met two handsome muscular guys in their early twenties. They both had black hair and brown eyes. We fell head over heels in love.

We settled down a few meters away from them and our long blonde hair and blue eyes made them glance at us furtively. A little later we went into the water.

When we had been swimming a bit, splashing around and splashing water on each other, we discovered that the guys were swimming directly towards us.
They introduced themselves as Pierre and Christian. They told us that they lived a short distance from the hotel where we had rooms. We were with them all day.

We went in the water, sunbathed and had a great time. The guys invited us to dinner in a small cozy restaurant nearby. We had put on our nastiest and sexiest clothes, and when we met at the restaurant, they complimented us with both words and lustful looks. We had a wonderful dinner with accompanying red wine.

Afterwards, the guys suggested we go to a disco. Of course.

When we got there, the atmosphere was at its peak. We started dancing. It was a soul'. Sussi took possession of the dance floor with Christian, and I with Pierre.

Dancing close made me - as always - very horny, and I ran my lap against his budding bulge.
It wasn't long before I was so excited that I suggested we go to his house. Christian and Sussi were gone, so we went alone.
When we got to his house and he closed the door behind us, I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled his member out and started to suck. After a few minutes we lay naked in his bed in a nice 69's. - Take me, I screamed...

It was a wonderful feeling to feel his hard cock slide up inside me. In the middle of it all, the door lock clicked - and Christian and Sussi stood in the bedroom door. They tore off their clothes and jumped up to us.

Suddenly I sat up in bed. I had noticed something completely new. Christian was shaved. I had never seen that before.
I had probably tried it several times myself, but it was something else. I had never seen a guy naked there - by the way, I think it's something very few men like, even though it looks very sexy and the dick seems much bigger... The heat flowed through my abdomen.
Instinctively I reached for his cock and began to slide my fingers over the smooth skin. It was very rude.

- I want that cock, because it's through my head. I didn't have to wait long for that.

Christian turned me around so that I was on all fours, and then he penetrated me from behind - while Sussi started to lick Pierre's cock. Sussi and I licked each other while the guys took turns. In the end we thought we were going to die of lust.
The bed rocked - and suddenly it collapsed under us. We started laughing - but continued a little later on the floor. The ejaculations and orgasms ne replaced each other.
But finally we sank together in each other's arms, tired and exhausted - and complete but satisfied!

The next morning we couldn't stop laughing at the broken bed. The bed was ready to throw out.
But what did it matter - we had had a wonderful time together. The rest of the time we spent with Christian and Pierre. We had never had such a lovely holiday.

Now we are writing together with them, and we hope that they will come up and visit us here this summer. In any case, we are looking forward to seeing them - and I really hope that Christian keeps up with the shaving.

Otherwise, I'll probably change his mind.

The bright ones.

Cozy love