An extra man in the box

We are a married couple of around 40, and we have often fantasized about how nice it would be to have an extra "man" in bed. The fantasies come when we lie in bed and enjoy ourselves as a prelude to a hot intercourse.

I fuck my wife with a delicious Silicone dildo from and lick her at the same time. This is where the extra man had to come in. My desire is to lick her while another man fucks her.

One day a young man came and looked at an old car I had for sale. It was definitely a matter for a "do-it-yourself man", but since the young man was a mechanic, he liked both the car and the price .

To celebrate the deal, we had a few beers in the kitchen with my wife Lotte. I got the idea that this was our husband* When he was in the toilet for a moment, I asked Lotte if she was well. She nodded a little hesitantly. — He looks good, she whispered — red in the cheeks.

Then I poured some elephant beer on the guy named Per and suggested a trip to the sauna, which he wanted.

However, Lotte was so shy that she kept her panties on. Pretty crazy, but just listen: she lay down on the top bench and didn't even dare to look at us men who were naked. When we had sweated a little, I sat on the "foot end" and touched her a little.

The panties were just a line between the plump balls. When she was lying on her stomach, the matter was clear. I knew she was sensitive on the end and soon she was moving restlessly. Bob and I went out and took a cooling shower

It was badly needed, because we both had an erection. When we came back in, Lotte sat up and we camped on either side of her. I asked Bob if he didn't think Lotte had some big, nice breasts. He nodded a little shyly. But did not act. I had to take his hand and place it on her bosom.

Then we both sucked as if guided by the same injection on each nipple. Lotte closed her eyes. She placed one hand on my penis and I placed the other on Bob's. Now she had it, she dreamed of a penis in each hand, Now I took her outside on the thin silk fabric. I clearly felt how she "gave in". She lifted the end at my command and Bob helped pull them off her.

But he was still reluctant even though the mock's stiff cock spoke a different language.

I therefore took his hand and placed it on Lotte's damp hair. She held my hand and moaned at Bob's touch' I was very excited to see him treating my wife's cunt but soon we were all getting heatstroke.

We had to take a walk under the shower, Lotte stood facing Bob and his hard penis lay on his stomach — squeezed by Lotte's round ditto. I stood behind and pressed myself against Lotte's plump firm balls. We agreed to go into the living room and have something to drink.

Lotte sat in the middle with our erect penis in her hand. Bob nuzzled her breasts, I was about to bury my finger in her crack. Then we had her laid over our knees with her pussy and breasts freely available. I asked Lotte if Bob should find her "tender" spot in the cunt. She nodded.

Bob positioned himself so that he could lick her lovely full "promontory". I squeezed breasts and looked. This looked simply wonderful. Lotte moaned, but now Bob stopped what he was doing and asked Lotte to sit on his lap. He had sat down on a dining room chair.

- I'd like to, said Lotte, but she sat down so she wouldn't be "impaled". So she was sitting with Bob's penis "on top" of the cunt. I asked if she was sitting well. — Yes, she said, — but I could sit better. Now the lady was really coming after the tone.— Then make yourself comfortable! She moaned and slid down over the penis in one gliding movement. Now we had exactly the situation I had fantasized about.

I got down on my knees and started licking her lovely crack with the protruding stud and the blood filled lips. Meanwhile, she slowly bounced up and down on Bob's glistening penis.

It was almost enviable. I think I know how to expand our sex acquaintances now. We must have an extra girl with us sometime. Imagine being "served" by two women at once.

"The Male"