The laziest chump in the class seduced me for a boring hour...

I sought shelter Reading The laziest chump in the class seduced me for a boring hour... 10 minutes Next I didn't know him, but I had to make love to him
It all started in a boring history class.
The clumsiest dork in the class - Karen - who I had long had a good eye for, sat next to me for once. We both sat and wished the class was over soon.
Suddenly I felt her warm and very experienced hand far up on one of my thighs. I looked at her and she blinked back.
Her fingertips began to caress my member, and it quickly led to a bigger trip in my tight cowboy pants, Her fingers kept going. She pinched, pinched, stroked and zeroed.

I pretended it didn't bother me, but I'm sure everyone in the class could see what was wrong - if they'd looked at me. I even tried with a hand on her thigh, but she pushed it away. A little later her hand also stopped the beautiful caresses.
I looked at her again, but now she was busy writing something on a piece of paper. After a while she pushed the paper over to me, got up and walked out of the classroom. I read what she had written:
- Hurry up, come and get me - we'll meet in the toilet in five minutes... I couldn't wait that long at all.
I pulled my shirt down over my crotch so no one could see my semi-rigid member. Then I put the note in my pocket, got up and almost ran out of the room.
I don't know if my mates or the teacher were looking for me - it doesn't matter either - I only had one thing in mind - the laziest idiot in the class! When I got down to the toilet, she was standing behind the door waiting for me.
We met in a big hot embrace and the pressure in my ripped pants increased even more. She was wearing a light, semi-sheer summer dress. It was so short that I could see her lovely brown thighs.
I caressed them and she willingly spread her legs so that I could get closer. Sweet bitch...

When I reached the soft places on her inner thighs, a shudder went through her. Then I opened' to her supreme glories,
I zipped down the back and pulled the dress down around her waist.
She didn't wear a bra - and her lovely round white breasts with the dark red nipples jumped right in my face. Of course I had to hold onto them right away. Great feeling...

It was the first time I saw her breasts completely naked.
I - and my classmates - had often looked longingly at her breasts when she had put on one of her - almost transparent - shirt blouses, where you could see everything, but where a mysterious veil had been drawn over the naked realities. These shirt blouses have often given rise to wonderful sex dreams in the classrooms with subsequent small visits to one of the boys' toilets in the yard, where the "pressure" was relieved in a flash!
She started moaning lasciviously as she fumbled with my zipper. Her feverish fingers did not at all avoid feeling my condition.
Finally she got the zipper pulled down, and after a bit of messing with my underpants, she lifted the "guy" out into the open. Lovely...

She sank to her knees and clasped my stiff cock with her soft warm and wet lips.
And as I spread my legs, leaned against the wall, closed my eyes, and just enjoyed it - she emptied my overflowing sperm container with the most wonderful mouth movements I have ever experienced...
She neither spat, squirted nor stopped when I entered her mouth. She just kept on…

I distinctly remember that right before I ejaculated, I looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed. She was in a whole other world.

Her intense lustful facial expression told me in the same second that this wasn't just something she was doing for me. It was guaranteed to be just as much – if not more – for her own sake.... · Afterwards we exhaled a little.
Then she asked me to take off all my clothes while she herself took off the dress and her little panties. When I saw her dark bosom, I couldn't stop caressing her at all. She was soaking wet.
She moaned a little as I parted her pink labia and ran a few fingers back and forth. Her nails made marks in my shoulders as I found her clit and began to zero and squeeze. - Come on, she whispered, sit on the toilet and spread your legs!
I stopped my caresses and did as she said.
I wasn't quite on the mark, but her firm fingers and the tip of her tongue did the rest. When I was ready and my cock was stiff and hard slanted in the air, she sat on top of me and with her hands she guided my member to her opening, after which she sank down on top of me, at the same time as my member slid up into her. She leaned back so I slid up as far as possible.
She put her feet against the toilet wall and then began to pace back and forth. I could see it all.
The whole secret of procreation lay open before my eyes.
It was so exciting that I started shaking all over. I put one hand down and started caressing her clitoris while she was riding back and forth. She went completely crazy.
She threw her head back.
Her eyes were closed again. Her mouth was open. Sweat ran down her face - and then orgasms began to roll through her body. She practically screamed out her lust. I think she could go on forever.
Once she had orgasmed, there was no stopping it. No - she wanted more...
She continued to fuck me as she worked up another orgasm. This time I came along.

It was so wonderful and beautiful that I was probably completely gone for a few seconds while I squirted into her. Afterwards she crawled up to me and made her body "little tiny". We were both drenched in sweat and lovely juices. We didn't have a towel with us, so we had to make do with our underwear. Just as we were getting dressed, the school bell rang.
History lesson was over.

She almost jumped in the air, so startled was she by the sudden ringing of the bell. We had both completely forgotten we were at school.
She took my panties and rolled them up with hers, then wrapped them in a tissue.
- You will get them tomorrow, she said.
Then she kissed me on the cheek and pressed herself close to me.
- It was nice, she murmured.
The whole goodbye scene only lasted a few seconds, and I didn't even get to ask her if we should meet another day - or preferably the same evening.
That night I dreamed of her while masturbating to the fullest. The next day we met in the schoolyard before the first lesson.
She came to me. She smiled and I felt the pride and possessive urge welling up in me. But she just wanted to give me a small package.
I knew what was in - my panties! There we stood - neither of us knew what to say to each other. At the same time the bell rang and we parted.
She was supposed to have a different subject than me, and we didn't see each other until the afternoon. After the first hour I went down to one of the toilets to unwrap her 'gift'. It was indeed my panties. They were freshly washed.
She had attached a small note to the front with a safety pin. I lifted the paper and unfolded it. I read:

- Thank you for the end, it was wonderful, it was the best I had experienced in a long time, but unfortunately I have to disappoint you - I am not a one man girl I love to make love with all the nice naughty guys I can get my hands on - so you, take it as an experience - and nothing else. Love Karen... I was speechless. I felt as if I had been punched in the face. I had taken it for granted...
I mean, when a guy and a girl have such a nice experience, there must be love in the game - no... In the afternoon she didn't come and sit next to me. She placed herself next to one of my companions a few tables from mine. I scowled at them.
Was there something between them?
While the teacher was messing up from the lectern, I got to thinking about yesterday's wonderful experience in the toilet. I could feel my member grow and sweat began to run down my back. I looked over at her again.
She whispered something to my companion. But I didn't realize that at all.
I only saw her face - her eyes were closed and an intense pleasure spread over her face as her big wet hot lips closed around my stiff cock and she started to ride back and forth....

· Then I couldn't take any more.
I practically jumped up and ran out of the classroom and into the courtyard of the boys' toilets, where I tore up my pants, pulled the guy out and started masturbating like a madman while I closed my eyes and dreamed... The following days and weeks I tried to get in touch with Karen - but to no avail. I looked after her on the way to and from school, but she was always with one or more friends. I wrote her little letters but never got a reply.
I called her, but she was never home – or so her parents said!

I was completely beside myself. I did not know what to do.
I was hopelessly in love. My surroundings avoided me as if I were Satan himself. I must not have been fun to be with either.
Now it's thankfully over, and I'm happy that I didn't get hold of her. She was right in what she wrote to me.
She's not a one man girl - I've found that out.

Cozy love