I sought shelter

Dear Report

Last winter I was out for a little experience that I won't soon forget. One evening I was on my way home along some small and little traveled roads. It was snowing heavily and suddenly I was stuck in the snow.
I tried to shovel the car free, but I quickly gave up. And I considered it absolutely useless to wait for help. It was almost 10 p.m.
I considered whether I should leave the car and start walking home. But I wasn't dressed for that at all - I only had a thin coat and ordinary shoes on. I could make out a faint light some distance away.
I headed towards the light and came to a small house. I knocked and a fear like voice asked who it was. I explained that I was stuck in the snow and couldn't go any further.
I asked if I could borrow a phone - but there was no phone.
When I asked if I could come inside, I could understand that the person in question was not much for opening up.
But when I stated that I was a peaceful wayfarer in trouble, the lady asked me to wait a moment - and then the door was opened!
It was a woman in her forties.
She apologized for taking so long to open up, but when she lived alone, you had to be a little careful.
I could only agree with her.
She explained that she had gone to bed because the fire in the tiled stove had gone out, and she needed to put on some clothes before she could open the door. I had turned completely white with snow.
She led me into the kitchen and lit two gas appliances - it was the only thing she had that could provide some heat. When I had thrown off my coat and shoes, I began to shiver from the cold. But she was resolute.
- Take off your wet clothes and crawl into my bed until you get warm, she said. - Then I make a cup of hot coffee in the meantime and try to get the tiled stove on! I took off my pants, but kept my shirt and underwear on, then crawled into her warm bed.
It was a wonderful feeling
. A little later she served me coffee on the bed. She had also lit the tiled stove, and the fire was already roaring But it was still hot with the heat, and now I could see that it was she who was freezing. - No, I said, I don't want to be right here in your warm bed while you sit and freeze! I jumped out of bed.

She was easy to persuade to lie down.
She kept the dress on and I covered her with the quilt. I sat down in front of the tiled stove, but I have to admit that I froze so it creaked. - I guess you didn't even get warm, she said.
- You can lie next to me, she said, there is enough room here... - It seems that you trust me, I replied.
- Yes, I'm not afraid of you, and I think we should help each other, it's pointless for you to sit there and catch a cold or get pneumonia when you might as well lie here. Then she hospitably lifted the covers and I crawled down to her.

She had pushed herself all the way to the wall, so there was a little 'air' between us. It was a strange sensation to lie in a strange bed, together with a strange lady. As I lay thinking about it, my member began to stir.
Previously, the "guy" had been completely stiff from the cold, but now it began to stiffen for a completely different reason.
But of course I wouldn't abuse her hospitality.
The space between us had narrowed, and not knowing what to do with my hands, I placed them on top of the quilt.
After half an hour I had warmed up, and suddenly I felt her hand on my chest. I lay completely stiff, waiting for her next move. It did not appear.
She put her hand on my thigh and said that now we were both warm! - Yes, I replied - I also thought about getting up, you would like to have your bed to yourself, wouldn't you? - Not if you want to stay with me, she replied - and as she said that, her hand slid up my underpants and grabbed my member.
I was not slow to get my hands under the covers and feel her warm thighs. She had no panties on.
When I kissed her, she answered my kiss. She pulled the foreskin back hard on my member and with my fingers I felt that she was moist between her thighs.

I knew we wanted the same thing, so I pulled my panties off and lay on top of her.
She steered me into her warm interior, and after a while we forgot all about the blizzard and the cold... We fucked until we fell asleep exhausted in each other's arms.
When I woke up, she was up and was making morning coffee. I got up, but she told me to just lie down and she would bring coffee and breakfast.

I replied that I had to go to the toilet first, and she showed me into the utility room, where there was a bucket. When I came back in, she was sitting in bed with the coffee tray.
- Did you sleep well, she asked. - Yes, I answered, but that's not what I remember best... - What must you not think of me when I have seduced you like that! - I would like to rinse it on my cloak now, I replied and smiled at her. - That was nice of you, she said - by the way, my name is Else - and you? - Claus, I answered.
She put the coffee tray away and we lay down in each other's arms. A little later we fucked again - and we kept doing it until it got light outside.
It had stopped snowing and I could just make out the roof of my car up by the road. It was almost noon before the snow plow arrived, and with the help of the municipality's people, we got my car dug out so that I could drive behind the snow plow.
Before I drove, I asked Else: - Do you regret it?
- No, she replied, I have been alone for two years, so you came as if sent from heaven. I had to promise to come again when the weather improved - and I intend to keep that promise. "I couldn't have gotten a better night's lodging...

Snowman from the sky

Cozy love