I didn't know him, but I had to make love to him

Dear report.

Love is a divine thing.

It can function without sex, but the combination of sex and love must probably be said to be one of the things most worth striving for in life.

Therefore, I would like to tell a 26-year-old girl about the first time I met my husband.
It started on a rather boring Friday, in a rather boring inn, in an equally boring provincial town on Zealand.

It was two o'clock in the morning, and I thought little of coming home.

But at the same moment my gaze caught a pair of dark brown eyes.
I stood like a nail couldn't let go of your eyes. Sink into them, as if into a deep soft quilt.
You stood at my table and gave me a short nod.

If I wanted to dance? As if in a trance, I followed you onto the dance floor to the tunes of a languid tango.

You kept looking straight into my eyes and I could see the unspoken question.

In my eyes you saw the answer, pulled me in close and pressed your abdomen against my willing lap.
Then we dance. And time ceases to exist.

While we dance, we already have intercourse with each other in our minds.

I long for your kisses, to feel your cock, for your caresses to feel like a physical pain that must be satisfied, so longing my body and head have never responded.

The orchestra stops.

Hand in hand we walk out of the restaurant. Neither of us ask the other, words are no longer necessary.

Just walking is hard. My belly is filled with anticipation for our bodies to unite.
As soon as we are at your house, we throw ourselves into each other's arms.

Greedily we kiss each other, and I am mad with desire and fired up only by a single thought..

Take away my pain - love me, fill me with you.
Your hands wander over my body, sneak up under the blouse and find my breasts.
You let your fingertips dance over my stiff nipples and you let your mouth caress my whole body with hot kisses.
Quietly and very arousingly, you undress me, zip down my pants and pull off my blouse and panties.
As if in a fever, I try to unbutton your pants, but my eager fingers can't find anything at all.

You help yourself, and soon your lovely cock is in my hand.
It's hot and tense and a little bit lopsided. But because it's you, I love it.
Your index finger is now playing around my labia.
Tingling, sliding and finding its way into my warm, moist cave. You let your thumb move in circles tenderly and lightly on my clitoris, just the way I like it.
And then as your mouth showers me with hot kisses — we melt together in unison.
Actually, you fuck me hard and demanding. Your cock slides in out, in, out and I accept, accept, accept and tighten my abdomen, sucking you into me.
My hands hug your back, your shoulders, your neck, your tight ass. Every cell in my body needs you.
We are approaching the top. Waves of shivering pleasure flow through our sweaty bodies.
With arms and legs I cling to you.
And then... now, now... comes the orgasm.
Like a firework of emotions, it explodes through my abdomen.
Your cock penetrates all the way up, lies still and fills me with warm and liquid cum.
Our eyes meet.

I love you, you suddenly blurt out.

And I start hooting with happiness as you kiss the tears away from my cheek.
Afterwards I knew that in your arms I had experienced the greatest happiness.

Think we didn't know each other at all, but just felt a mutual attraction so strong that nothing could separate us.

Nothing has been able to do that either since that night almost four years ago.

"The luckiest girl in the world"