The fired-up gardener

Dear report.

When I was confirmed, I was sent out to serve with a gardener who lived in a small station town in Zealand. My work mostly consisted of looking after a small Icelandic horse and turning the soil in the greenhouses. It was a job, but not a particularly exciting one. On the other hand, the most exciting took place after four evenings.
I lived in a small men's room together with a grown man - the gardener. He was a brutal looking guy in his 30's and he didn't have much left for a snot puppy like me. But he still liked to entertain me with how great it is to play chess. He had once played to a draw with Norway's chess champion, and he knew names like Nizowits and other great Russians by heart. He used to arrange small, cozy gatherings in our little chamber. Often he invited people I didn't know and had never seen before.
These evenings he sat and talked about his excellent qualities and in particular his abilities as a chess player. It may be true that he was a great chess player, but he was always rough and unkind, never gentle and kind.
One day he had a young girl visit him. She was about seventeen years old, not yet engaged and a pretty but rather cheeky and indulgent girl,
The gardener and I had a bed at opposite ends of the room, and now he sat with the girl in his bed. They were busy in a whispered conversation, and they laughed and chattered and were having a great time. During the conversation, he stuck a hand up under her skirt, and it was as if they were starting a guessing game.
- Let me see what you have there, he said and dug in with his big hand. - Is it a small mouse hole?
The girl let out an expectant squeal and he continued to hold his hand up under her dress, constantly running it back and forth.
- What do you use it for? He teased. - You just had to know, she giggled back.
They were so absorbed in each other that they seemed to have completely forgotten my presence. At one point or another he knocked her completely over on the bed. Now he laid himself down beside her and had her dress pulled up all the way to her knees, revealing her slender thighs. I could see that she was wearing small, white cotton panties, and the gardener quickly got his hand into them. He apparently massaged her cunt quite vigorously, she wiggled her butt a little, but didn't protest.

I, who was only 14 years old, had never experienced anything like this. It was fascinating and my cock was standing so pants were about to burst. This big, brutish guy and such a pretty young girl - it was rude.
Now the gardener groped it down his pants and pulled out a big, strong cock. I had no idea dicks could be that big.
There was a table between them and me, and in fact they couldn't see that I was lurking unless they stood up. Now the journeyman took the girl's hand and made her grind on the dick. She twisted from side to side and it pleased him so much that he moaned. . - Well, you know someone like that - you've probably tried that before, he snorted.
She whispered back that she had tried it once before, with her cousin who had taken her virginity.
It incited the gardener so much that he proclaimed loudly that now she should get a real man's cock - instead of a cousin's cock.
He crawled over her and mashed his cock against her abdomen. Then he pulled down her panties and stuck a few fingers up. The girl didn't say anything, she just stared at him as if hypnotized. Then the journeyman shot his ass in the air, grabbed hold of the dick and tried to control it. It didn't work out right away, but then he really pushed, and the cock disappeared completely inside the girl.
I didn't realize it could be done, but the girl seemed to enjoy it. She spread her slender legs a little more, and the gardener moshed on.
He grabbed her buttocks and pulled her to him as he bucked loose. The cock went like a needle in a sewing machine and the girl wailed with delight. It was so obsessive that before I knew it, I was sitting with my own little boy cock in my hand, planing away. In half a second I squirted.
The gardener, the big drønert, who was at the other end of the chamber and got a real lady, moaned like a locomotive. The girl was howling with joy all the time. She was, I knew, the daughter of two very saintly parents—they should have known that their pretty little daughter was lying here twisting like an eel. At least it wasn't sanctity that depressed her.
Then the gardener suddenly pulled his ass towards him, and his cock now splashed onto the girl's stomach. He crawled down the girl's stomach and lay heavily on his back. Then he lay for a while and snorted. He made the girl take the cock again and he was obviously still scrupulous because he moaned lustfully as she rubbed the cock again. Then he started thrusting against her again,
In a single thrust, the cock had disappeared into her again, and now it was as if he wanted to be extra thorough this time. She slashed fiercely between her thighs and she pressed her abdomen up against him as if she wanted to make sure she got every inch of his cock. The bed creaked and she put the soles of her feet against it to help as she sighed and wailed.
My cock now squirted for the second time as I sat with pursed lips.
And then - in the middle of a huge scream, the gardener once again pulled his ass towards him and squirted onto the girl's stomach. Then he rolled heavily onto his back again, but now the dick was no longer standing. In fact, it had shrunk beyond recognition.
- Ah, oh, oh, he sighed merrily. What a nice game, he said.

the confirmation student.

Cozy love