I fulfilled my wife's secret sex dreams

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"I fulfilled my wife's secret sex dreams"

I'm an older guy in my mid-forties. I've been married for the last seven years to a lovely girl. something about it. The first year we knew each other - it was before we got married - she told me nothing about her sexual desires. We fucked quite normally - from the front, from behind and from the side. But when we had been married - and had been so for half a year - she confided in me her desires one evening. I was sitting and reading a newspaper in the living room. We had eaten dinner, and I had made a big nice fuss and sat and relaxed with the day's events in print. My wife came in with a couple of cups of coffee and sat down on the sofa across from me.— You Bent, she said, there is something I want to tell you! I put the newspaper down and looked at her. I could tell by her that it was difficult to get started.— What's wrong, I asked and sat down on the sofa next to her. — No, you mustn't misunderstand me, she, when she saw how strangely I looked at her.— You are simply fantastically nice to me, and you are very loving and good to me — it's not you at all that's wrong with. It's me! I don't really get anything out of it, it's like something is missing. I'm going to tell you about something that happened many years ago when I was 18-19 years old. I came with some girlfriends and guys, we sometimes "played" with each other, as all other young people do. One of them—I don't really remember who—suggested that we should play strip poker, and that the loser should be tied up and stand like that for a few hours. We all agreed to that. And what do you think happened? I lost.— So this is it, said my friends. Come with me into the other room. I had lost, and I had to follow the rules of the game. I still remember how it almost hurt my stomach — it was the excitement of what what was going to happen. Neither of us had ever really been together — we just played and gave each other ejaculation and orgasm with our hands and mouth One of the guys went into the kitchen and found some tape. I had to stand against a cabinet with my legs spread and his arms up above his head. The guy climbed up on a chair and tied my hands to some door handles. I almost had to stand on my tiptoes so that it wouldn't hurt my hands. At the same time, the girls tied my legs and then I couldn't touching me. The guy was only wearing underpants and I could see how big he had gotten. When he tied me up, his member brushed my face and I felt another strange sensation in my stomach. He must have felt something, because he pulled his panties off and held his member to my mouth.— Then just use your tongue and your lips, he said I opened my mouth and started licking and kissing It was amazing I stood completely helpless OK was used sexually I started twisting The girls noticed me, of course, and one started caressing me between the legs.—Shouldn't we give her an additional punishment, said the other suddenly. What about shaving her? I only half heard it, I had enough to do with the guy and his big cock. The girl fetched a scraper and I could feel how the cold steel crawled over my lap. After a while I was completely hairless. The other girl continued to caress my legs. It was incredibly nice. In the meantime, the other two guys had come in to take a look.—It must be photographed, they agreed, and a little later I was photographed sucking the guy's dick, and my girlfriends were playing with me. It was very humiliating. A little later the guy came in my mouth — and then it was the turn of the other two guys. It took almost half an hour before I had ejaculated all three with my tongue and lips. In the meantime, my girlfriends had given me a couple of really nice orgasms When I think about how I stood there tied and helpless while they did a whole lot of nice I can get really horny. I was allowed to stand tied for a few hours. I stood there — all alone in the dark — I could hearing how they were partying and enjoying themselves in the other room. Now and then one of them would come up to me and ask if I was okay. Every single time I could only say yes, because I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it was only for this one experience. A few days later, I got a set of photos of one of the guys. They were strict — according to the conditions of the time. They were definitely not photos you went around and showed off to everyone and anyone. I kept the photos well at home on my room. so that my mother couldn't find them by accident. And I tell you — I masturbated those pictures after several thousand times. Do you understand me now? Bent I miss you doing this to me. Every single time we are together, I dream about that time — about how I hung the closet there and had to satisfy the three guys while my girlfriends gave me an orgasm! I was speechless. I hadn't imagined that in my wildest imagination. I looked at mine and I could see she meant it. Shall we try tonight, she whispered and leaned lovingly against my shoulder. I just nodded. I'll go into the bedroom and do some preparations, she said and got up from the couch. I took my drinking glass and washed the entire contents down. I had to have something to dry myself on. But even though I had never tried that kind of sex, I could feel myself getting aroused. A quarter of an hour later my wife came into the living room again. She was completely naked. — Come, she said and pulled my hand. I got up and followed. Inside the bedroom she had made a few changes. The duvets had been removed, and there were four pieces of ribbon on the bed. She spread her legs and put her arms above her head. I looked at her a bit. Our bed doesn't have bedposts so I wasn't really sure how to get her tied down. "I've fixed that," she said, there are axes in each corner. I looked for - and sure enough - my wife had screwed four large axes under the bed in each corner so I could tie her up. I did as she asked, And a little later she lay Like another starfish, unable to move. Then I began to throw away the clothes.— Not yet, said my wife, first you must shave me between the legs. I had never tried that before either. But OK — I had said yes, and why not? I went into the bathroom and got the necessary I had a towel placed under her bottom and then I started with the scraper. After a while she was completely naked. It was a strange sight — but very exciting. I in any case, had gotten a standing cock during the "work".—Then you must go into the living room for half an hour and leave me alone, she said. I couldn't really like that. I bent over her lap, spread her labia and started licking her. She liked that. She began to moan and writhe. — No, no more, now do as I have asked you, she said. I stopped the candy. I was at the boiling point, it didn't take much before I had torn off my clothes and jumped on her. But as before — OK — I had agreed, so why not let her lie down for a while and wait for all the nice things! I got up, put on my pants, turned off the light and went into the living room, but I couldn't find peace. I drank a few shots, looked at the paper a little—all the while thinking of her as she lay there waiting—unable to move. When twenty minutes had passed, I couldn't wait any longer.I threw off all my clothes and went inside to her. She lay with her eyes closed and made sexual movements. Slow and rhythmic. I turned on the bedside lamps and sat On the bed next to her, I kissed her and she answered my kiss with the most horny kiss she has ever given me. She was hot on fire. . .I sat over her and stuck my stiff cock to her face. Then I put a pillow under her neck so she could better get the "guy" into her mouth. Damn where she licked and massaged. I was completely gone. It also ended with me coming in her mouth. But she persisted - and after a while I was ready again. It had been a long time since I had been able to do it twice in a row. I was very excited myself, so that was enough also something to say. I lay down between her legs and started licking her. She couldn't lie still at all. She pressed her labia against my mouth and had she been able to have my whole face inside her, it would have happened for sure. She had a wonderful orgasm while she gasped and moaned. Then it was my turn. I lay down on top of her and penetrated her. She was burning hot, big and very wet. I slid all the way down. She turned her head from side to side and as I thrust back and forth I realized she was crying. Tears ran down her cheeks from happiness. That evening and night I really opened my eyes to what it means to make another person happy. We have since expanded our "programme". Now my wife gets tied up at all times of the day and not just while lying on the bed in the bedroom. It can be while we are watching TV or listening to the radio. She loves it and it's like she can't get enough. What a piece some time ago she started talking about whether we couldn't find a girl for her. I actually don't mind that. It could be exciting to try it. She has also started to talk about maybe she would like to be beaten a little in it just with a hairbrush or a barrette. It means absolutely nothing to me — but it probably ends with me doing it to make her happy. Of course, we also love in the old, ordinary way. A few evenings ago she came into my living room — as usual without clothes on. I thought she was going to be tied up, but she wasn't at all. She knelt down in front of me, zipped my pants down and pulled them off me. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. Several times I tried to come up with something to say, but each time she put a finger on my lips as a sign that I should just shut up. Then the socks followed and finally the underpants. My member stood straight up in the air, waiting for an EKBer — a tender and loving treatment! She started massaging my scrotum. She squeezed and squealed a little, and my member got even stiffer. Then she took me in her mouth and started her lovely tongue play. I tried to touch her, but she just pushed my hands away. When she could feel that I was just about to ejaculate, she stopped the teasing, She got up and sat on my lap. I slid up into her. She wiggled her bottom a little, so I got all the way down. Then she started riding. It was at the very top. She held me by the neck, kissed me and let her tongue explore Ise in one of my ears. Her riding got wilder and wilder — and then I was there. She kissed me with her mouth wide open and while I was ejaculating up in her, our tongues met in a beautiful play! Afterwards she sank down on top of me and pressed herself to me.— I love you, she whispered, I am so glad that you have understood me and my desires, and have found out of satisfying me in that way. A little later we went out together under the shower, and while we were washing each other, I could literally feel how my feelings for her grew hotter and hotter. I'm really glad that she confided in me that time. Otherwise, it certainly wouldn't have lasted this long. I'm one hundred percent sure of that. The happy guy